Non-violent Protest May 16, 2014 Washington, D, C.

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This is to inform all Americans that on May 16, 2014 we are asking for TEN MILLION American citizens to March to the White House in protest of Obama's Policies and demand he step down

Spring Protest

May 16, 2014 The organization Nation In Distress is asking TEN MILLION Americans to.March peacefully against The government in Washington D C. Nation In Distress' motive is to impeach Obama. America has been unsteady since Obama first took office. He has used the IRS against his political rivals and punished them through IRS policies. He doesn't have the right to be in the White House in the first place because his homeland is Kenya! Even his wife on an African tour also made the statement that Obama's Homeland is Kenya!

Nation In Distress

Nation In Distress can be found as a Facebook page and their philosophy and thoughts on our Nation being in Distress will be informing and enlightening, Every since Obama took office his policies to "revive" the economy have failed miserably. His foreign policy has led to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Obama was advised three months before the actual attack that Al Qaeda was planning to attack the Embassy. There was no help sent when the men were fighting for their lives. There was a massive amount of armed forces in the area, but nothing was deployed against the attack. Before when there was time to evacuate in those prior three months Obama did do one thing. He ordered the security to be lowered by 70%.

Foreign Policies

Obama armed the "Muslim Brotherhood": so they could help fight against Al Qaeda and they took those weapons and used them to go to a centuries old Christian village where they beheaded children and roasted alive 80 people. He caused their death as if he had done it himself. He has not ended the war in Afghanistan and American military soldiers are still Dying in the pretense of fighting Al Qaeda to keep them off American soil. Bring our troops home where they can keep America safe in their own homeland.
Iran has no sanctions that are keeping them from making a nuclear warhead missile. They threaten Israel with total annihilation and nuclear materials in their hands under any circumstances is not safe policy. America and Israel were strong Allies until the Obama administration. What America does know is that Iran has a missile that can carry a nuclear warhead into any part of Israel, What the American people haven't been told is Iran also has Missiles that can carry nuclear warheads all the way and hit American soil also.
Putin is invading the Ukraine this month and Obama had to be shamed into taking any action!

The Constitution

The Second Amendment says Americans have the right to bear arms. Obama was willing to strike that Amendment to appease the United Nations. One State went so far as mandating that all firearms be registered with the government. Other States are fighting for their" Right to Bear Arms" and keep the government out of our houses with illegal search and seizures of firearms, this would also step on the 4th Amendment to protect Americans from illegal search and seizures.

Americans Step Up

It is time for Americans to say enough is enough. Nation In Distress is helping to focus the American people towards this American imposter who thinks he is king. His Obamacare program has nearly ruined the health care industry there are notes in Doctor's offices denying insurances that were previously taken. Their are people losing their insurance coverage to such a degree that their very lives are at stake.
America wake up before they ruin America to the point of making us a third world country. On May 16, 2014 join a non-violent March against Washington. Congress and the Senate cannot seem to Impeach Obama even though he is guilty of all atrocities But if TEN MILLION AMERICANS go to Washington D'C. demanding his impeachment Maybe the Congress and Senate will act.

Share and Prepare

Share this information about the non-violent March on Washington D.C.. Get together as groups and share the cost of renting buses.Make plans with your employers or take a vacation day. Come by cars, buses, motorcycles, and truckers,just get to Washington D.C. and stand as a unified party of simply Amerricans that want to save America. Whatever Obama has done to hurt you and your family send a representative to Washington D.C. BE BOLD AMERICANS GIVE YOUR VOICE A CHANCE TO BE HEARD!


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author avatar Jan
6th Apr 2014 (#)

i am 100 percent with you, this man needs to be empeached as soon as possible , i will be there,deport him and the 26 million illegals....

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author avatar Luvcats13
16th May 2014 (#)

Get an education or just read a dictionary on your own. The word you so carelessly use is spelled "impeached" and the process to change presidents is outlined in the US Constitution - it's called an ELECTION. And, BTW, you LOST IT.

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author avatar Phyllis Guerra
16th May 2014 (#)

So glad americans have awaken and are trying to take back control in our country. This has been long over due. We the people make the country. Not presidents and politicians.

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