Not Russia But The Enemy Within

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Top Democratic politicians are still claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but is this all a smokescreen?

Not Russia But The Enemy Within

The answer to that question is yes and no, for while the people who started this collusion drivel know full well it is a tissue of lies - in particular Hillary Clinton and her inner circle - there are plenty of people inside and outside the Democratic Party who genuinely believe it. These people include Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters, the latter of whom has been filmed on more than one occasion ranting bizarrely at the President and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

With the exception of Fox News, the mainstream media has been happy to go along with this nonsense; White House press briefings often consist of little more than questions about Russia, Russia, Russia. Social media is somewhat different because while one of David Pakman’s latest offerings is a claim that the Russians somehow funded Trump through the NRA!! - Judicial Watch, HA Goodman and a host of other independent and right wing vloggers have been reading the documents rather than drinking the Kool-Aid.

What do we know for certain? The now infamous Trump dossier is said to be the work of Christopher Steele, who as a former British intelligence officer has extremely impressive credentials, except that he claims to have collated it while living in London. One can write a reasonable biography of Henry VIII or most any historical figure while sitting in front of a computer, but the kind of information that went into that dossier requires in situ research. Steele quit his job with MI6 in 2009, which relegates him to the status of armchair pundit.

Much of the so-called information in the dossier is demonstrably false, most notable, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was never where it said he was, either at the material time or ever. Steele has made conflicting statements about the dossier in the UK and the US, which further undermines his credibility. Information from the dossier was actually leaked to a Yahoo! News contributor, and this information was fed to the FISA court in order to corroborate it in order to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, including on the man himself. Trump’s detractors are blind to this circular logic.

How long has this nonsense been going on? The so-called investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller has been running since May 2017, yet not one scintilla of evidence has been unearthed linking Trump to the Russian Mafia, the Russian Government or the Russian anything. Furthermore, in view of the duplicity of both the NSA and GCHQ, had there been a scintilla of such evidence, Trump would never have got near the White House, it and he would have been exposed long before the election. And what precisely is this collusion supposed to entail? Is it financial? David Pakman’s claim of covert funding conjures up images of Trump taking wads of cash in brown envelopes from Russian oligarchs. How likely is a billionaire to do this, one who spent over half a billion of his own money to capture the Presidency?

Dick Morris, who together with his wife Eileen McGann published a prophetic book on this witch-hunt, has suggested the dossier was not written by Steele at all but by two of Hillary Clinton’s notorious associates. The evidence for this is impressive.

The purpose of this hate campaign is clearly to bring down Trump and restore the ancien régime, even though Hillary Clinton will never be President, not now, not ever, although she might conceivably be wearing an orange jumpsuit by the time of the next election. Trump will survive because there is now sufficient evidence in the public domain to expose the conspirators, and several of them, led by Donna Brazile, have already abandoned the sinking ship.

There remains though a bigger danger. There was at one time a red menace, it was called the Soviet Union, and its tentacles reached right into the heart of the American establishment as evinced by the case of Alger Hiss and the pumpkin papers. The Soviet Union has now long gone, and the new resurgent Russia is our rival, but it is not, and should not be portrayed as our enemy. There are clearly those who, for whatever ignoble reason, seek to reignite the Cold War. They must not be allowed to do this. Vladimir Putin may be no saint, but he has problems of his own with which to cope, including Syria. An America that works with the Putin régime rather than against it is our best chance to resolve these problems peacefully.

During his Presidential campaign, Trump said he wanted the US military rebuilt not only so that it could never be challenged but so that it never would be challenged. He said also he wanted to work with Russia (and China) to all their and our mutual benefits. We should give him and Putin the chance to do that. Keep prodding a bear with a stick, and at some point it will retaliate.

A postscript here: the surprise indictments handed down on February 16 show absolutely no connection to the Trump campaign, rather, if these individuals are indeed agents of the Russian state instead of common or garden crooks who were simply trolling in their spare time, they demonstrate clearly that Russian influence on the American electoral process is the result of puerile minds. In some ways this is reminiscent of the COINTELPRO efforts of the FBI to spread rumours about Martin Luther King and others. Talking head Rachel Maddow was ecstatic at the indictments saying no one saw them coming, and lauding the special counsel as full of surprises. What’s coming next? She won’t be half so chirpy if Robert Mueller’s next tranche of indictments includes John Podesta, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.


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