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Obama Visited Africa in the past one week, He left places turned upside down and others with hope that future is bright

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Obama Also Promised to build a power Africa network that will bring electricity to around 9 Africa countries

Obama in Africa

President Barrack Obama has just left Africa and he is on his way back to the white house. He managed to visit three countries namely Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. He managed to bring confusion in and out of the countries. In tanzania for example, all roads to Dar es Salaam were closed up and no one would be required to go to the capital during the three days visit.

In Senegal President Obama brought the issue of gay in Africa. Gay in Africa is considered a taboo. In 33 out of the 52 countries Gays are shunned by the communities since it is considered as a things that is totally unAfrica. He reiterate that Gays should be given equal right like the rest of the African. He also said that no Help will be offered to African countries that do not treat Gays with respect.

HE promised to visit his father's homeland Kenya before he leaves the office in three years. Since no American president has ever visited the country , We are waiting

Obama in South Africa

In South Africa, He did not even visit his 'Mentor' and 'Hero' Mandela who is still in hospital. This raises concern about friendship towards the global icon. Previous the students in the University of Johannesburg had protested since Obama was going to be given honorary Doctorate by the institution. This led to the institution postponing the adorning of the present to the president.

Obama record of using drones Does not work well with African here, this was primarily the reason why the students protested

Obama in Tanzania

In Tanzania President Obama Went there to seek trade.

Mr Obama visited an US-owned power plant, following his announcement over the weekend of a multi-billion-dollar electricity initiative. The $7bn (£4.6bn) five-year initiative is intended to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with African countries and the private sector. This initiative will bring together over 9 countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Though he meant well, but his visit to African countries causes a lot of problems


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author avatar Mike Robbers
3rd Jul 2013 (#)

That trip also coincided with the NSA scandal. It seems as good way to avoid public pressure.

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author avatar Paul Maina
4th Jul 2013 (#)


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author avatar Francis Muriuki
4th Jul 2013 (#)

Obama shouldn't have by passed Kenya

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author avatar Ellen
5th Jul 2013 (#)

All of our presidents have meant well, but are usually stopped by Congress or some other part of government, but there is no reason not to visit his mentor.
thank you,

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