Obama himself casts doubt on the information on his birth certificate

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Obama publicly states two different birthdates, claims father a WWII veteran, indicates country of birth different from USA, Michelle confirms Obama’s home country Kenya.

Does all this ‘Birther’ controversy really matter?

Isn’t this all ‘old news’? Shouldn’t we leave the guy alone, respect the Office of the President? Well, the guy is candidate for a second term, already out there gathering a mountain of cash, spouting seductive soundbites, making promises as ephemeral as the morning dew, while the Republican party engages in an orgy of internecine mudslinging, doing the Democratic Party’s job for them, leaving him a clear field. The genuineness of the documents Obama has produced has been questioned. His eligibility to stand has been questioned, most recently and most fully in Georgia. Shouldn’t that question be answered unequivocably, in all transparency, before the Democratic Party tries to put him in office again?

Does the Constitution matter?

Ask yourself the question: do you want an illegal alien as President? Because if his documents are forged, that is what Obama is – he has no green card, no naturalization papers, just these dubious documents. And the documents bear the hallmarks of being computer-generated although ostensibly from a time before the use of computers.

There was outrage over Watergate because President Nixon lied about the tapes and political ‘dirty tricks’. There was outrage over President Clinton lying about his activities with Monika Lewinsky. Presidents are not supposed to lie to Congress or the Judiciary (lying to the country they represent is perfectly OK, of course, so long as you are not found out). If Obama has lied about his status, his eligibility for office, he has taken an oath to uphold a Constitution upon which he has already trampled and lied to everyone, Congress, the Judiciary, the people, quite possibly even to his wife!

This matter must be resolved before the next election (otherwise we might as well have the ex-Governor of California standing as the GOP candidate – at least he is a naturalized citizen). If Obama has lied, is there more to this than a guy who has managed to hop on a political bandwagon and now finds he cannot get off without revealing all? Could there be a deeper, hidden agenda? If there is nothing to hide, then why is he being so evasive, so late in providing ‘documentation’, so reluctant to lay the matter to rest properly? There is one fact unearthed in the final video on this page that raises some disturbing questions.

Liars eventually trip themselves up. Here are some interesting ‘gaffes’ that cast doubt on the information provided.

Obama states his father was a WWII veteran?

In this video, taken while campaigning for his present term as President, Obama states that his father (Barack Obama Sr.) served in World War II and received the proper services from the Government on his return from the war. His aim was to enlist the Veterans’ vote, many of whom were complaining about the lack of medical and social reintegration services available to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since Obama Sr. was not born until 1936, he would not have been eligible to serve in World War II (1939-1945): he would only have been 9 years old at the war’s end. Nor could he be talking about his Indonesian stepfather, who would also have been too young to serve.

Obama Senior’s father (President Obama’s paternal grandfather) served in the King’s Colonial Rifles in World War I but not in WWII. In 1949, he was imprisoned for six months for involvement with a terrorist Kenyan independence movement.

Obama’s grandfather on his mother’s side did serve in WWII (as did his great uncle) and this may be the person President Obama is confusing with his father. What kind of services his maternal grandfather may have required on his return from WWII is not known. The family was far from destitute.

Was it just a ‘slip of the tongue’, a convenient lie, or is there another person whom President Obama recognizes as his father, or even a father figure? Certainly, the President’s sense of time is off when it comes to dates, including his own birthday.

Obama publicly states different birthdate from that on Hawaiian birth certificate

On the much contested birth certificate – whose production as proof of birth on US soil was much delayed (some would claim in more ways than one) – President Obama is recorded as being born on August 4th 1961. Until recently, when all birthdate information as removed from the page, the President’s My Space page showed him to have been born somewhat earlier. In this video taken on July 15th 2011 (and released July 17th), President Obama states that he will be turning 50 in seven days (i.e. July 21st or 22nd and not August 4th whichever way you count it!). It is a poor child that does not even know his own birthdate.

Obama admits country of birth different from USA?

Obama admits country of birth different from USA?

While complaining about the volatility of his ratings in the US polls, Obama states that his ratings remain steady in the country where he was born.

Does he consider Hawaii as a separate country. Perhaps his wife explains it better.

First Lady admits Obama’s home country is Kenya

In a long speech on her husband’s work on AIDS awareness and civil rights, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, mentions that both she and her husband, President Obama, specifically underwent AIDS testing before visiting her husband’s home country, Kenya. Fortunately the ‘slip’ occurs at the beginning of her rather lengthy speech.

Proof offered that Obama born in Kenya

This video offers several extracts from documents and articles, particularly from African sources, stating that President Obama is a native-born Kenyan.

US $ 20 million from Saudi Royal family!

This video is ostensibly a report on what researchers commissioned by Donald Trump have uncovered about Obama and it dishes so much dirt it does itself a disservice. What many people did 25-30 years ago does not necessarily reflect what they are now. Even if Obama were a drug addict during his college years, with all the unsavory activities that supporting such a habit may entail, it would be to his credit that he managed to overcome the addiction.

What is disturbing is the claim that he visited Pakistan with a college friend for three weeks and also met up with members of the Saudi royal family, whom he regaled with stories of fighting with the Afghan resistance against the Russians. Subsequently, it would appear that he adopted a new life track. It is claimed that his tuition at Harvard Law School was paid by the Saudis, coupled with a 20 million dollar gift to the university that won him entry without transcripts, etc. (approx 6 min 40 sec into the video).

College tuition fees might be pocket change for a Saudi prince but 20 million dollars certainly is not! The Saudi royal family is huge and very diverse in its views. Not all are conservative and pro-West by any means: some members could rival Bin Laden in their views. If Barack Obama had this level of support from a member or members of the Saudi royal family, why?

Time to resolve Obama’s status before the Democrats seek to compound a potential error for the sake of wishing to appear ‘politically correct’.


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author avatar 7979barb
13th Apr 2012 (#)

I can not state if his birth certificate is a forgery or not. But it does need to be cleared up and put to rest. While we are cleaning things up we also need to acknowledge that GWB did not belong in the white house either. He hid his records to the air national guard, failed to show up for duty, which in the military that is known as desertion and he did this all in the mist of the Vietnam war, which accounts for treason. His family also has close ties to the Saudi Royal family, so close are those ties that he hindered investigators of the events of 911 from following the money trail as it would have surely lead back to his ties with the Saudi Royal families. America can not take another republican in office. George Bush entered the office under what was later proven voter fraud though no charges were ever brought forward. His ties to Kenny Lay and Enron were extensive so much so that how lucky for him building seven fell on 911 that contained all the SEC documents even though it was not hit by any plane and fell later in the day on 911. There are a lot of issues in politics we as citizens need to demand to clean up. But this corruption goes way back and occurred before we were even a twinkle in our daddy's eyes. We need to abolish the Federal Reserve Banks as they are not federal and have no reserves. It is the criminal acts that they have perpetrated on the citizens of this country, that have lead to the political mess we find ourselves entrenched. They control the political process. They need to be eliminated and held to count for there treasonous acts. It is not Obama, nor was it George Bush who made these decisions that have had such a negative impact on our lives. It is their owners.

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