Obama wants net neutrality without back door

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Obama calls for clear rules to ensure net neutrality in the United States. The demands go beyond the previous considerations the competent authority FCC goes far. The proposals aim to explain the network infrastructure and in order to exclude interference by the provider.

Internet Freedom

The US president gets involved, and quite clearly: With clear words, Barack Obama has called for a stricter definition of net neutrality. He makes the appropriate telecommunications authority, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concrete guidelines for the regulation of the Internet.

The question of whether Internet providers may carry certain data packets according to commercial interest preferred, since a few months again highly controversial: FCC chief Tom Wheeler took over the idea to overturn the principle of equal treatment under certain conditions fierce criticism. A corresponding FCC draft had 3.7 million Internet comments attracted. Most were against a "two-tier network" from.

No blocking or throttling

"I urge the FCC to answer the call of almost four million public comments and enforce the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality," Obama said therefore, now in a video message. Specifically, the US president these requirements.

Who wants to call legal sides should be of providers neither prevented nor braked? This is considered a prerequisite for the enforcement of net neutrality and the possibility for small web service providers to ensure that their services reach the customer without artificial barriers.

The Internet has the status of telephone lines

A faster data forwarding fee should be explicitly prohibited. The FCC exactly wanted to allow in their design; American Internet providers are already pushing for longer than they can offer appropriate preferential treatment in exchange for money given the high volumes of data in their lines.

Probably the most extensive foray Obama is the reclassification of the Internet under the "Title II" referred to rules of 1934. Under "Title II" fall so far, for example, phone lines: telecom providers are allowed to make any calls preferred or avert it. Thus, the Internet would be a part of the infrastructure as for example. The power grid is today - who pays, receives access without any restriction. 2002, the FCC missed it, to classify Internet connections accordingly.

Net neutrality should apply to wireless services

2010, the FCC already tried to better anchor the network neutrality, but the authority then grabbed the mobile from the Internet. That should change - so for example, would question whether those data flat rates from mobile providers are legal, the throttle the speed after a certain volume.

The FCC should also ensure that Internet service provider about data intermediate transports provide information and make sure their net neutrality. The streaming service Netflix paid some providers at this level for a faster turnaround. This would be illegal in all probabilities.

Internet activists and consumer groups celebrate the US president for his advance, which is in stark contrast to the more restrained regulatory attempts by the FCC.

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