Officials in India encouraged to file fake cases against domain investors

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How domain investors in india are threatened with fake cases by powerful officials to exploit them for the rest of their life

Tax payer money wasted to file fake cases against harmless innocent domain investors

In an indication of the high levels of corruption in India, powerful greedy and jealous officials are encouraged and allowed to file complete fake cases against domain investors in India to force them to sell the domain names, websites cheaply or extort money from the harmless hardworking domain investor. These officials and their associates do not want to take the risk of investing in domain names, when they are available cheaply.

However, when the price of the domain names will increase, the powerful fraud shameless officials especially in Goa will falsely claim that they and their fraud friends and relatives own the domain names, when they do not spend a single penny on the domain names. Few in the world can match the shameless lazy greedy goan GSB frauds, gsb extortionist housewife riddhi, fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar in their extremely false boastful claims that they own the domain names of a harmless obc engineer and domain investor, when they do not want to spend any money on the domain names

Another great goan fraud is the slim goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina who powerful ntro, cbi officials are infatuated with, and also falsely claim that she owns the domain names of the middle aged single obc engineer. In reality the lazy greedy goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina does not spend any money on the domain expenses, however she sleeps with extremely powerful ntro, cbi, r&AW, security and intelligence agency officials, who then abuse their great powers to falsely claim that she owns the domain names.

In addition to the frauds mentioned above, other well connected cheaters who also falsely claim to own the domain names without spending any money on the domain names are the shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar who looted the domain investor of more than $1800, stock broker asmita patel, blackmailer ruchika, veena. If the real domain investor will protest against the defamation, these officials are misusing voice to skull technology to threaten the real domain investor with false cases.

Additionally the real domain investor will never be informed about the details of the fake cases filed against her so that she can defend herself, despite requesting the details repeatedly. However shameless fraud intelligence agency officials will misuse the name of the domain investor and waste the hard earned money of the real domain investor to reward the frauds making fake allegations against the harmless domain investors, faking concern for a person they actually hate.

Till date, after 5 years, the domain investor has not been informed of the details of any case filed against her, yet she is expected to quietly agree to the unfair and humiliating deal made by her powerful classmates who are faking concern when they actually hate her and want to destroy her life. If she is protesting against the misuse of her name and unfair deals being made, these fraud officials are falsely claiming that she is a security threat and torturing her further. If she was provided details of the fake cases, she could file a counter case against the blackmailer or extortionist who she has never interacted with to end the problem permanently.

If these officials do not want to give the domain investor any information, they have no right to interfere, make any deal, misuse her name, she can handle any case which powerful fraud officials can file against her just because she is a domain investor. In a poor country like india resources should not be wasted filing fake cases against people just to extort money.


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