Officials too busy framing innocent people to investigate murders in India

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A look at the misplaced priorities of law enforcement agencies in India as they waste tax payer money to defame a harmless single woman without proof,put her under surveillance due to bribes from large corporates, personal hatred and greed, while thousands of murders in India are never investigated

Instead of investigating murders, officials frame innocent people in India

Legally a murder is the most serious crime and should be investigated to find the person or persons involved and ensure that they are punished for their crime. However due to the misplaced priorities, incompetence and lack of professionalism of certain powerful officials, it appears that a large number of murders are never investigated and the persons involved in the murder continue to remain free. Allegedly google, tata, paypal and other companies wanted to destroy the life of a harmless brilliant obc engineer for their corporate goals and managed to instigate powerful officials to waste indian tax payer money for their corporate goals,

Instigated by large corporates who need to acquire talent and technology cheaply or destroy competition , however these officials have plenty of resources available to frame innocent people who are not involved in any illegal activity to destroy their reputation, finances and life. These powerful officials are making completely fake allegations against a harmless single woman engineer without proof. These officials and corporates are rewarding the blackmailers and extortionist all over the country to make false allegations against the harmless single woman. For the last 5 years, at least 40-50 government employees in different states of India are deployed to frame the innocent woman, trying to find non existent proof

These officials are not interested in investigating murders, ignoring the crime saying that they do not have resources. However these officials have enough resources to put a harmless single woman engineer under surveillance for more than 5 years, without finding any proof , so that the large corporates and powerful officials who want to destroy her life can frame, poison her and cause losses. The single woman engineer has also been subjected to an impersonation fraud, resume theft, human rights abuses, which would have not been possible if she was not under surveillance,

The main officials involved in defaming and framing the harmless obc engineer are the powerful relatives and friends of goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar , bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad hathwar, former tata power employeer and certain other intelligence agency officials like J srinivasan, These officials are blinded by their hatred of the brilliant engineer, and are ruthlessly destroying her life so that these mediocre inexperienced fraud women can continue to get a salary, great powers, allegedly at R&AW, falsely claiming to have the impressive resume of the obc engineer who their powerful relatives and friends are harassing.

According to media report (Mumbai Mirror), in raigad in last few years, after the sheena bora murder took place, more than 763 unidentified bodies were found in the forests and other areas of raigad. Allegedly for every body which has been found, there are two other bodies which are never found as no one will reach the gorges and ravines, indicating that thousands of murders remain undetected yearly . In none of the cases, has the murder been investigated and murderers face punishment for their crime, because the limited resources are deployed elsewhere.

Why is it so difficult for an indian citizen and tax payer to find out the name of the officials who ordering the surveillance of a harmless single woman only out of personal hatred and greed and end the waste of resources, In a democracy like india Why are the top officials in intelligence, security agencies, not interested in investigating murders, only in framing and making false allegations without proof against harmless innocent citizens like the harmless innocent obc engineer?

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16th Sep 2015 (#)

I have heard so many times how corrupt it is there.

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