Okay, in rational support of both sides of an American Story, understanding it all.

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This page is in genuine support of objective law and order, not chaos on either side. Not on the side of the government, military, police and other such entities or on the side of the people. This article is advocating total honesty and fairness at all levels as we shall see.

I support fairness, honesty, understanding and tolerance on all fronts, do not get me wrong, but:

Realistically, there have to be objective checks and balances within each human nature itself whether government officer or normal person for things to genuinely work. What I mean is, the masses as well as the elite need to think before demonstration or action before they do it at the very least.

Change has to happen with the individual, and it starts there. That is where genuine law and order start. It does not start with empty legislation or game playing in capitol buildings, it starts with the thoughts and actions of people. If it did not start right there in the genuine thoughts and actions of people, Hitler would have succeeded, and martial law would work at the end of every empire that existed now, would it not have?

Think, and think deeply about that question before going on reading because reality dictates that individual thinking and doing is where it starts and nowhere else. Sure, life is more complicated than I am mentioning here, but the idea is simple though, stop playing games and think seriously about what needs to be thought seriously about and acted upon seriously. It is not just my way of thinking consciously, a reality is being broached and dealt with here also for we cannot have a total police state or complete "do as you will" anarchy. The balance has to come from within us for starters, it cannot come from outside or from laws or anything else.

The ultimate disease

The ultimate malady in society is "doing what everyone else does". Everything would be much better without a trace of that malady. But, from what I see and feel, it is too many people's "normal disease". "He's doing it, she's doing it, so I should do it."

Going on "hear say" or "run tell that" (I give Martin Lawrence the comedian the credit for the "run tell that" saying) is the ultimate weakness. The ultimate strength is balanced, realistic, honest thoughts about reality and the ultimate cure is understandingly segmented judgement based on genuine and patient reason.

I am not perfect, to bear my soul and all of that here, but I do my best every chance I get genuinely to practice the simple reality I am preaching here of patient, logical, segmented judgement instead of going "ugh". After all, I got enough of the "ugh, he's weird" treatment enough as a child to know that reality is understanding it all, not just one minute snap judgements based on one side of a story.

Why am I saying "the ultimate disease" in a crime article? Because in the end, the ultimate disease of snap misjudgment because "everybody is doing it" and "everything points to it" is the ultimate crime really. Think about it at least as an honest and objective favor to someone striving to be real.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jun 2015 (#)

Democracy and freedom without rule of law is plain anarchy. The Chinese leaders tell their countrymen - do you want to be like them?

We need to ponder and strike a compromise for democracy to succeed - siva

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
9th Jun 2015 (#)

Got you there, that is why I wrote this, to strike up that sort of thought, and ultimately produce a productive sort of action on those thoughts.

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