Only in India, webmasters harassed for working at home

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How intelligence agency officials in india allegedly bribed by corporates are harassing webmasters working at home wasting tax payer money

Harmless webmasters, investors working at home harassed for years

In an indication of how much control corporates have on indian intelligence and security agencies, only in India, webmasters and other people working online are harassed for working at home, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money and other resources. These officials are falsely claiming that the webmasters and domain investors are using electricity and not paying commercial electricity bills to justify the endless harassment and exploitation of the harmless professional.

In reality the electricity consumed by a laptop user will be less than 5 units in a month as the electronic equipment will consume very little power. If they officially state that they object the webmaster and domain investor to using the 5 units a month, the laptop user can arrange for a renewable energy source, so that no power will be derived from the power grid. Unlike most businesses, where their customers will meet at their office or shop, most webmasters do not meet their customers and their websites are hosted elsewhere in the country or abroad,

Stock market investors, Writers, artists, have been working from home for centuries worldwide and have not faced any objection. Similarly women have been cooking food, stitching clothes and offering similar services from their home. The electricity consumed by the kitchen appliances like mixer, refrigerator , baking and microwave oven will be far more than the power consumed by a laptop. However women cooking from home, and selling the food or supplying to others are rarely defamed, harassed and exploited in a manner similar to webmasters in India at present, who are viciously defamed as uneducated fools, though very few people in India know to manage websites.

Additionally webmasters, Paypal account holders and domain investors are subjected to brutal resume and identity theft attempt, with powerful officials falsely claiming that their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends own the business and are doing all the work, when these women do not do any work at all and spend a single penny on the business expenses. The powerful officials are extremely vicious in defaming the webmaster to ruin her reputation, so that they can justify giving credit and great powers to their lazy greedy cheater friends who do no work. The last time the webmaster hired a office, the websites were hacked and after 1.5 years, removing the malware has become a major challenge

Women cooking at home, consume more electricity, yet why do intelligence agency officials not hound or stalk these women, ask them to pay commercial bills, for the electricity they consume. These women often make more money than webmasters, especially now that advertising rates have decreased very significantly. Or are the top officials bribed by corporates to only harass webmasters working from home, so that they are forced to take up a low paying job in an office and companies can acquire talent and technology cheaply.


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