Operation Mermaid Dawn

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The 'Sudden' entrance of the Rebels into Tripoli had been well planned

Getting the Pices to Fit

On Saturday, August 20, 2011 Rebels, appearing from everywhere, entered Tripoli.

Those who have been aenesthesised by the 'Arab Spring' believing that revolutions just happen, didn't need facts.

Those who knew or assumed there was some 'hand' manipulating events from behind the screen were not surprised to learn of Mermaid Dawn.

The Start

It began three months before when groups of young men left their homes in Tripoli and secretly traveled for training in Benghazi with ex-military soldiers.

After this training these young men made their way back to Tripoli or went to Zintan or Zawiya either by sea disguised as fishermen or through the western mountains and waited for the signal.

The Mindset

"Mermaid" is a long-standing nickname for Tripoli used by NATO forces in the past. Operation Mermaid Down was created by NATO, primarily the British Special Air Services; SAS

In Egypt in Tunisia, and other Islamic nations, the CIA (and akin organisations) created confusion to distract attention from the planned execution of Osama Bin Laden.

The purpose of the Arab Spring. was to have putative terrorists fighting war in their front yard to they would be too busy care about what is happening two towns over, much less two countries over.

Libya was different.

Although Gaddafi had been warming to the West, paying reparations for the Lockerbie catastrophe, selling oil, there were a lot of old timers who had hated him for years.

Hated him for hosting terrorist camps in his country, hated him for his rhetoric, and hated him in general for being the kind of guy that wasn't afraid of Eagles and Lions.

The uprising was directly funded by NATO which publicly did bombings and enforced a 'no fly' zone.

This was to insure things didn't go ass over teakettle, the SAS did the
recruiting, training and organising.

The Start

The rebels moved just after Iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

The Ramadan period was specifically chosen as Muslims would fast during the daylight hours, attend mosque in the afternoon, then at sundown, hurry home to eat.

A group of young men began chanting Allahu Akbar, God is Great, signifying the start of a protest at the mosque.

Prayers were cancelled, all women sent home. The men then locked themselves in and began shouting anti-Gaddafi slogans.

Call to Battle

They used the mosque's loud speaker system to broadcast their chants across the city.

This was the signal.

Shooting and explosions lit the Tripoli night, Gaddafi's forces arrived, opened fire on the mosque and summoned reinforcements.

The men inside the mosque were unarmed This was part of the plan. If they died, they would be martyrs which would inspire others. If they survived, they could continue their work.

Seeing the Gaddafi's forces firing on the mosque the local residents and trained rebel fighters converged to defend it, using machine guns and Molotov cocktails in a fierce firefight.

The Rebels drove back Gaddafi's forces which took refuge in the state TV centre on Al Nasr Street. This TV centre had been previously bombed by NATO but had several underground levels and was easy to defend.

From the mosque the uprising spread in a coordinated movement to Green Square and raised the outlawed Libyan national flag.

Green Square had been the centre of Colonel Gaddafi's power and status, the scene of his rallies and personal appearances

A battle ensued.

The Rebels, who had been shipping weapons into Tripoli forl weeks in preparation for this uprising had many 'armories' about the city. Mass texting was used to coordinate movements and gain followers.

The Fifth Column

Mohammed Eshkal was very close to Gadhafi and his family.
But hated him.

He was in charge of the batallion which protected Tripoli's gates

Eshkal made a deal; — when zero hour approached he would hand the city over to the rebels. He didn't care about the revolution, he wanted revenge.

On The Ground

NATO specifically targeted locations which couldn't be taken with light weapons.
Airstrikes became more precise, there was less collateral damage. This indicated the presence of air controllers on the battlefields.

Targeted bombings launched methodical strikes on Gaddafi's communications facilities and weapons caches. An increasing number of American hunter-killer drones provided round-the-clock surveillance as the rebels advanced.

NATO assistance included logistical and security advisers, forward air controllers as well as intelligence operatives, damage assessment analysts and other experts who provided real-time intelligence.

In short, without NATO, without the Western experts, the Libyan 'revolution' would have failed. It was NATO and the SAS who enabled the rag tag rebels to win..

The Qatari military, was augmented by French, Italian and British military advisers. This was not only to assist the rebels but monitoring their ranks to prevent any al-Qaida elements trying to infiltrate or influence the rebellion.

Now What?

The Rebels succeeded. They overthrew the regime, got to sodomize Gaddafi before executing him, and now 'rule'.

The 'Rebels' go town to town searching for Gaddafi supporters to torture and kill. Overseas Doctors withdraw as they are only being used to patch up torture victims for another go.

Reports are that the desire is not for democracy but another strong man.

Spontaneous celebrations began across Libya on Friday, the 17th of February, with crowds waving the new red, black and green national flag, dating from the era before Gaddafi seized power in 1969.

Delivering a televised address, Mustapha Abdul Jalil, head of the National Transitional Council, said the new government had "opened our arms to all Libyans, whether they supported the revolution or not".

Sounds like the usual propaganda, doesn't it?


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24th Aug 2011 (#)

Excellently chronicled, kaylar. Thank you.

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25th Aug 2011 (#)

you are very welcome

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25th Aug 2011 (#)

Very powerful report, thank you...

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25th Aug 2011 (#)

Incisive article, thanks.

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25th Aug 2011 (#)

took a bit of research...btw...this moring the SAS admitted leading the battle

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26th Aug 2011 (#)

You put alot of work into this, well done.

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26th Aug 2011 (#)

It should of gotten a star by johnny hates me

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1st Sep 2011 (#)

Excellent reporting, and you can see how much work went into this...Well done Kaylar..

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1st Sep 2011 (#)

thank you song bird

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