Pakistan warns the United States of America over the drone strikes !

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From within the society, many voices rose against US drone strikes on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan but this time, Army has spoken !

A real deal or apparent mouth-shutting statements?

Pakistani Intelligence Agency has warned America last Saturday (18 June,2011) that it would retaliate against the drone strikes if the Americans do not stop it.
Meeting held in Islamabad,the capital of Pakistan, where CIA deputy director Michael Morrell was told to adapt the strategy to stop these drones which has already claimed thousands of innocent lives.

Ahmed Shuja Pasha,as the ISI head,faced a strong criticism by the public and other organisations to be” failure to encounter the American raid on Abbottabad”.
The both sides have discussed the way these drones should be stopped. But it seems that it would result in as nothing due to the Americans continued strategy on hunting down Taliban and Al-Qaida members in the region and outside.ISI and CIA have been going through rough patches due to the killings of three civilians in Pakistan by a CIA agent, Raymond Davis. Davis killed three people in the light of the day when they were supposedly chasing him and robbing him.But later on,the investigations revealed that he was a CIA employee who was on the mission to destablise Pakistan by harbouring the terrorists and planning of bomb blasts.

The current tense situation in the region matters for whole world as America and China are standing against and for Pakistan. The president Obama earlier on reiterated that USA would not hesitate to go into Pakistan and hunt Taliban or Al-Qaida terrorists while on the other hand, Wen Chiabao,the Chinese Premier sent a strong message to all the countries that it shall defend Pakistan in any circumstances and would not let anyone invade it.


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author avatar Buzz
26th Jun 2011 (#)

Well, let's hope the differences will be ironed out before they deteriorate. Great share my friend.

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author avatar Asghar Khan
26th Jun 2011 (#)

Buzz, my friend, thank you very much for the like and comment. I strongly believe that every peace loving person would share the same opinion as to let others live as they want it. We can not force others to change their way of life. The world is beautiful but we human-being made it ugly. Thanks for the comments,friend.

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author avatar S. Ali
28th Jun 2011 (#)

good words my friend

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author avatar Asghar Khan
28th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you very much, S. Ali bro. I appreciate for your comments !

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