Panorama News On Cigarette For Smokers: Cigarette Smokers’ Stories…

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Electronics Cigarette proved itself beyond how it was prescribed, I could not believe the result. What amazed me is that it gives off vapour

Panorama News On Cigarette For Smokers: Cigarette Smokers’ Stories…

Complete five years I went through severe pangs of pain in my lungs and live which occur through my habit of smoking cigarette. I spent a lot of money on drugs than I could on my meal, I watch clock like a baby looking for his lunch, when I want take my drugs. Not until I came across an Electronic Cigarette that help me out of this chronic pains

Electronics Cigarette proved itself beyond how it was prescribed for me, I could not believe the result I see when I make use this good technology called electronic cigarette. I smoking cigarette every five minute each day; One day my wife could not hold it again, she busted out saying; is there nothing else you could take rather than this tick smoke. She discovers that, the pains am going through is as a result of cigarette I take.

So, she one day came home with an electronic cigarette. I thought see try to imitate me in a different way, She work up to me and said this is for you, this can help you rather than tick smoke you swallow. I look at her lips as she delivers to my hand an electronic cigarette, reluctantly I used it. What amazed me is that it gives off vapour and give me good feeling of smoking real cigarette. Now am free from five minute smoking, at times it takes me two to three hours before I take the electronic cigarette.

I was addicted with cigarette, this is nearly taking my life, I mean it show me ways out of life. My blood was turned to black and what could help fight bacterial or any virus in the blood was no longer function again. A friend of mine did not satisfy with my position, she held to her uncle that was one time in this situation and latter came to me to look for electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette! I shouted she said yes, have seen someone his situation worst beyond yours, and this is what he used to help himself out of the shameful mess came on him. Through the little testimony shared with me, I get the electronic cigarette and it’s astonished me in a unique way I can not explain. This electronic cigarette is but wonderful things to quit cigarette.

This wonderful technology saved my life from untimely death that could have happened to me. Two years ago I discover there was severe pains in my low abdomen and went for medical check up, where doctor told me that not only my low abdomen, but also my liver were affected as a result of smoke of cigarette. I was placed on some drugs for a year, till a friend of mine told me that this can not help the situation. So he told me to get an electronic cigarette, stop joking! I exclaimed, serious matter that is nearly claim my life. With soft voice he reply me, this is tested with lot of proves, I know you can be better by this electronic cigarette rather than taken drugs alone. Indeed I do and I can boldly say it is true, an electronic cigarette helped indeed.

Yes, I recommend this magic and wonderful advance technology way of smoking cigarette. This as helped me to quit smoking cigarette and am sure it will help you also to quit cigarette. At a time, smokes of cigarette perforate my liver.

Instead of smoking cigarette again, I choose electronic cigarette. This help to smoking without smoke that will affect inner part of the body, it allow to have real feeling of smoking cigarette and help to quit cigarette.

You can afford to miss this opportunity that can edify your body and gives you good immunization.


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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

very good post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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author avatar Mutimut
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Wow, I think this is incredible machine, because to ask someone to quit smoking is a difficult thing. You are right to recommended this machine, because as I know, so many smokers who want to quit smoking but it is not easy to stop it. Very informative article, thanks for sharing.

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