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Many years ago, young men numbering millions abandoned their homes and families and went to war. They were very enthusiastic, passion and national patriotism runs thru their veins. What happen thereafter?

The Deadly First World War

Soon, those young men full of zeal for their country turned to most sad historical event that one will not forget in a hurry. All those soldiers could not in their foresight, see that a lot of huge armies will perished from this earth and buried in the mud of France and Belgium. Yes, the first world war had just begun.

The casualties brought by the first world war was so great that the dead that were recorded was about 10 million and those mutilated were about 20 million.

A lots of mistake, blunders of great order,and huge scars left in the heart of survivals. Statesmen in Europe could not in any way stop the fears rising in the mind of people in the. World. The war really detate how humans will further think and act in their ways of life.

The statesmen made promises that a new better world is coming soon immediately after the end of the war. The top men claimed, that the fight is for the industry to be peaceful, to get their past glory of inheritance, and to secure their future. That the war is a source for clean democracy in the future, and is a war that will definitely end all wars on earth. They are all real empty words.

The clergy themselves, whom the world will turn to at last, are the backbone of the world war 1. They wholeheartedly and zealously support everything about it. Instead of placing Christian faith before national interest and stands of Christians before war, they stand alof watching people dying as selected soldiers from Christian denominations were mandated to kill one another in the of their Saviour.

The generals are solid body highly recognized for preventing wars and its disastrous end. Here again, they promised a fast and a way out end to the war and they will be winner. Not long all the armies face the cruelest ordeal that the flesh and spirit of mankind became agitated for immediate end to the war. What effect had the war cause?

Though the World War I came to an end on November 11, 1918, the effects was great. Many businesses shut down, deadly plague called Spanish flu invaded the field of battle in France. It destroyed so fast that it killed more soldiers of American in France than what enemy killed. And it spread worldwide. German currency became worthless after the war in 1923. The whole world economy at the time collapsed and finally the second World War began.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Feb 2014 (#)

It is time we became aware wars are no solution to our problems - it only adds to our misery. Few instigate wars for monetary benefit and to stoke their huge egos. The vast majority should ask the war mongers to fight among themselves! siva

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author avatar T.Moses
5th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for comments, we need to avoid war infact a time without war is near.

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