Phone calls, smses diverted to call girls, cheaters in india

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Harmless civilians in India find that their phone calls, smses are diverted to strangers and cheaters without a court order making it impossible to communicate with anyone or earn a fair living.

How phone calls, smses are diverted in India without a court order

In an indication of the high levels of corruption, nepotism in indian intelligence and security agencies in india, experienced harmless engineers, webmasters and domain investors find that their incoming and outgoing phone calls, smses are diverted to the call girl, cheater friends of top officials without a court order or legally valid reason. Though proof can be provided the mainstream media has refused to cover the racket which can be very lucrative for officials who divert the phone calls, smses

These top officials are so infatuated with the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls who sleep with them diploma holder siddhi, bsc sunaina and the various mediocre cheaters like BBM nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, that they falsely claim that these inexperienced women half their age, were their Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmates to give these mediocre frauds great powers and allegedly permanent government jobs in indian intelligence agencies.

After duping the whole world that their lazy greedy mediocre cheaters and goan call girl friends are experienced engineers, the top officials have diverted the phone calls and smses of the experienced engineer to the pampered goan cheaters, call girls to make it impossible for her to communicate with anyone. Even the telecom company like BSNL, Airtel is not aware of the diversion of the phone calls, smses, though proof of the diversion can be provided as they have not received any official notification.

Often these pampered cheaters are too lazy or busy to answer the phone call diverted and proof can be provided that the engineer cannot make outgoing phone calls due to diversion of the phone call to these cheater friends of top officials. These pampered goan call girls and cheaters are now allegedly demanding a bribe for delivery of smses, completing phone calls or not allowing communication if their demands for a bribe are not met.

It is shocking that in a democracy like India mediocre lazy greedy call girls and cheaters are given so many powers only for sleeping with top officials and cheating, because they have powerful fraud friends who cannot be held accountable, while harmless brilliant civilians are denied their fundamental right to earn a living with their phone calls, smses and other correspondence diverted to greedy strangers and cheaters.


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