Piracy in Indonesia, the Highest in Asia

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Indonesia has the worst records in protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) in Asia, and Singapore the best, a survey of foreign businessmen showed Wednesday (25 / 8).

"Indonesia, seems to have lost momentum, to take action against IPR infringement and make the system more in line with international standards," said the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), based in Hong Kong.

Piracy in Indonesia

Indonesia "has passed a new law, which will increase protection of intellectual property, but the rules are not enforced effectively at all, and the piracy rate in Indonesia was still among the highest in the world."

Indonesia was given the worst score of 8.5 from the maximum value of 10 points, compared with 11 other Asian countries, in the PERC survey of 1285 foreign managers, who were held between June and mid August. Zero is the best score.

More advanced economies fared better, with Singapore leading the list with a score of 1.5, followed by Japan (2.1), Hong Kong (2.8), Taiwan (3.8) and South Korea (4.1) .

At the other end of the scale, Vietnam's second worst at 8.4, China scored 7.9, 6.84 Philippines, India 6.5, Malaysia, Thailand, 6.17 and 5.8.

Ratings, reflecting the majority of research by the global software industry, which is concerned with the easy availability of pirated movies and software in the cities of Asia, although the government promised to take strong action.

"From the developing Asian countries, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines are all considered bad, not only to low levels of IPR protection, but also to physical criteria such as infrastructure, bureaucratic inefficiency and limited manpower," said PERC.

China has also come under strong supervision, because the size of the merely economic and the presence of big companies "capable of using pirated technology to compete in overseas markets," said PERC.

"Countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, did not have the same ability to cause global damage, through IPR piracy such as China's companies are doing."

Although China has made a step hard on IPR infringement, the purpose of securing the transfer of foreign skills, to companies of China, using a large market access as leverage, remains problematic, he said.

"So far many of the world's largest multinational companies, have been convinced that the value of risk transfer key technologies to China, in order to develop business there," said PERC.

"This policy is not illegal, but it could be a source of friction .... China's growth is more to consolidate its position as a global economic power, the government would be willing to take the gloves off and fight to protect their interests."


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