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Politics as usual just has to stop in order for our nation to survive. We have too many mistakes by those who know nothing about the economy, the world in general. The concern for our own people is very lax. We need to take a look at who we put into office and start considering those who have trained in specific fields.

Early morning breaks at the White House

The early morning breaks with the sun rising behind the Capitol Building and the silence that fills the air only lasts briefly when the hustle of the busy day begins. No matter what happened yesterday today it is politics as usual today. That is the problem with our society we have grown numb to how politics affects all of us on a daily basis. We read about fires out west, floods in the south, tornadoes, hurricanes, and many other weather breaking incidents. Then we hear about shootings, children going without food, young mothers walking the streets looking for a home, along with many other tragedies but what do we do.

Step back in time

It is about time that we took a step backward in time and reviewed what our political leaders are enforcing upon this nation. The down fall of Rome was not from without but within the nation. The Senators became greedy, high-minded and forgot to care about their people. Today it is a society where the lobbyist controls the Senate and the House with no regard to how the people are suffering. The nation can afford to send millions of dollars to the Middle East to support armies, weapons, and other terrifying weapons of mass destruction while we cannot afford to take care of our own veterans.

Politics as usual needs to stop! Just as the IRS takes a full accounting of your personal income and assesses what you owe the government we need a new group of accountants to actually take a good hard look at our budget. How can Representatives know where to spend our money since the most of them don’t even have an accounting degree? We are putting the wealth of this nation into the hands of the greedy who only think of themselves. We need to take a long hard look at the money we have in our treasurer and determine what needs to be paid and what we can afford to let go. Our first concern should be as always the family.

World's Police and Welfare Department

Politics as usual is a poor excuse used to prevent our children from getting proper food, good clothes, proper education, and most of all is safe in their school environment. What about the seniors in our society? Seniors have worked hard all their lives to find that their social security is being spent on weapons of mass destruction instead of providing good health care, providing enough funds to pay for the necessities of life, or even giving the seniors the ability to live comfortably. When we take care of our own properly then we can consider taking care of others around the world.

The United States should not become the world’s policeman nor should we become the welfare department for those in other parts of the world. I am not saying that we should not help starving children around the world but we should stop providing food for the enemy. I read once where the food we sent to some of the third world countries is being intercepted by the military and only a small amount actually reaches the people. When we find this type of scenario then we should stop sending over supplies. After all we feed their military so we can send over our own people to get killed and wounded.

America First

This is a brash case of course, but I am sure that we are supporting nations that we need to stop because they are not our friends. When we cut out food for our own people then stopping support for other nations should not become a moral issue. How many of you cook dinner and feed it the neighbors while watching your own children starve? This is utter nonsense sending millions of dollars over seas when we are in such a horrible state. This is poor politics in any case. Now what about “guns” since when should senators determine the safety of our children! I believe this is an issue that should be voted on state by state until the majority of the states have determined the best method of gun control. After the majority has determined the best method then have a committee of likeminded individuals take the best laws and format one law that could be upheld nationwide letting the people vote on this so the gun laws can be upheld by all. I am not saying take guns away from responsible people but keeping the guns out of the hands of those who are not so responsible.

Politics as Usual but what about us?

Politics as usual is the rich man’s way of screwing the middle class out of a descent way of life and keeping the poor even poorer. We need to start looking at professionals in accounting, human resources, scientists, military professionals, and other professionals in different fields to elect in positions that govern how we live and how we die. Politics is in the medieval time when it needs to be brought up to our time. We are desperately trying to overcome our daily problems with a shovel instead of using a scoop. We need men of knowledge not men of greed and corruption to run this nation. Party lines drawn and the best crook step forward so we can continue with “Politics as usual.”


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