Poor’s Answer?

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When a stereotype asks a poor are you poor. The answer is worth listening.

Are you poor?

A tribal community in an isolated was asked such questions as given in article, “How to become a useless guide? Warning Signs”. They lived in a village where people do not have electricity, bicycle, cell phones, etc. The answers were not as expected by stereotypes.

And They Answered......

They only mentioned the problem like less amount of water but as such, they think that they are self-sufficient and are very much satisfied with their life. They would like us to provide only water nothing else. When those questions were asked to another village which has been in contact with cities, they answered yes.

Why they answered that way?

They think like this as in their system no one is made miserable by giving hope and then restricting them as they don’t have money. Everything is naturally available to them and everyone can use it. Secondly, they are not exposed to such things which they cannot afford like car, so they do not aspire to have those things. For them the only thing they aspire is water.

Blessing in Disguise

Isolation alleviated the worry about standard of living, per capita income, global recession, etc. and may continue to live like this forever if they are left untouched and poverty concept is not incepted in their mind.

Craving for domination

The craving to dominate over other is just like smoking which never gets satisfied. It makes the independent systems dependent and on the mercy of these dominating people.

Inception and Perception

Who is Poor?
It is them (who are always satisfied with their lives) or we (who are never satisfied with our lives)?
In reality, it is just inception and perception.


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