Pot Growing in a Couple of States Poses a Severe Challenge

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It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics dope and all of that stuff. It is a thousand times better than whiskey. It is an assistant and a friend. - Louis Armstrong

Growing a Fickle Plant

NIicholas K. Geranios and Kristen Wyatt reports for the Associated Press: Ironically, marijuana is referred to as weed, but it is extremely difficult to grow. Now that the drug has been legalized in a couple of states, growers face a challenge. State-sanctioned gardening coaches can assist folks to cultivate tomatoes or zucchini, but both states Colorado and Washington have insisted that people remain mum on how to grow marijuana effectively. The situation chronicles the problem in other states that permits people to grow weed with medical permission. Also, the private sector has become the primary resource for pot growers trying to ascertain information on growing the temperamental plant. Brian Clark, who is closely connected with the agency that runs the state's extension services for gardening and agriculture, asserts that growing weed is a hot potato. One may ask why? Teaching people how to grow marijuana is a flagrant violation of federal law - not to mention the agency is federally funded. As master gardeners were approached for advice on growing cannabis, the issue edged towards the forefront. Master gardeners are volunteers who work through state university systems to provide horticultural tips in their communities.

States Restricts Cannabis Growing Aid

Colorado State University issued a directive lambasting any employee who provides growing assistance - citing that it exceeded the scope of their job descriptions. The growing predicament has become a balancing act on a tightrope for states who recently transformed federal law. That is, the criminal penalties were removed for adults carrying trivial amounts of pot. Home-growing is still outlawed in Washington, but it will be legal to grow pot commercially once state bureaucrats figure out protocol. In Colorado, adults can legally grow up to six marijuana plants in their domiciles, as long as they are in a secured location out of public view. This aspect of the law; has created a window of opportunity for a couple of Colorado entrepreneurs who are offering growing classes. These growing classes are particularly attractive to those aspiring to become professional growers, and baby boomers who are too embarrassed to acquire the drug otherwise. For example, some students who were taught in a rented room at a university, honed their pot growing skills by practicing on tomato plants. Furthermore, the group were introduced to various growing techniques and fancy hydroponic growing systems. Moreover, the students learned how to clone plants from a mother plant - achieved by snipping small pieces of the plant. Finally, the rules for successfully growing marijuana are rigid, and must be adhered to religiously.


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