Powerful officials specialize in video blackmail in India

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Video blackmail of women a major problem in India, defamation of innocent harmless people by officials, wasting tax payer money

Video blackmail of women by officials, associates in India

In the movie drishyam(both malyalam and hindi movie), the son of a police official tries to blackmail the daughter of a uneducated cable operator, who he has filmed taking bath. He then disappears, and the cable operator is accused by the police of the death of the boy. The police try to trace his remains yet they are unable to do so. It emerges that he was accidently killed when he tried to finalize the blackmail deal with the young girl and her mother

Later on the cable operator while on remand, is shown completing the work on police station and there is a suggestion that the remains of the police official's son may be buried in the police station foundations. Indirectly it is suggested that because the boy was the son of the police official he was extremely arrogant, with no morals and confident that he could get away with the video and blackmail attempt of a young woman. Most people who are not well connected in India have no choice but to follow the law, because the consequences will adversely affect their finances, reputation and life.

This has become a common story in India as technology is being misused to blackmail and defame women,making videos without their permission, making it difficult for women to live away from home or trust anyone. Till a decade ago, spy cameras and mobile phones with video recording facility were expensive and few could afford these expensive gadgets. Today remote surveillance technology has become inexpensive and has been used extensively to monitor individuals who are hated by large corporates or powerful officials without the target finding out who are these officials are.

Increasingly the most common way used by intelligence agency officials to destroy the reputation of a brilliant professional is to monitor his or her activity closely and make videos of the person which will show the person in a poor light or unflattering manner. These videos are then shown to every person the innocent victim will interact with to ensure that the harmless victim will never develop a long term relationship or loyal friends or get new customers. It appears that in Goa at least 6-7 frauds are deployed to monitor and defame a harmless brilliant single woman engineer, webmaster, domain investor and Paypal account holder.

Defaming a harmless powerless indian citizen is a huge waste of indian tax payer money, yet there is little the harmless victim can do end the defamation and wastage of indian tax payer money. There is no way the engineer cannot even find out the names of the officials who are making and circulating videos, the amount of Indian tax payer money being wasted daily, the official reason for wasting so many resources for defaming and monitoring a harmless indian citizen.

If large corporates have bribed these officials to abuse their powers and make videos, why should indian tax payer money in a poor country, be wasted for the goals of corporates making millions of dollars in profit? Why has making and circulating unflattering videos become the standard way to blackmail an innocent harmless person, ruin his or her reputation?


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