President Obama vs King Nebuchadnezzar

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Illegal immigration is a pressing problem in America. This article suggests a logical remedy to this problem by referencing King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon.

King Nebuchadnezzar's Immigration Policy

As an American Citizen I invoke the right given by the First Amendment to America's Constitution to freely express my beliefs and opinions.

Please read these Bible verses as they are the basis for this article

A couple of days ago I began for the umpteenth time to read the Book of Daniel. When I read the opening 4 verses my thoughts were driven to the present pressing problem of illegal immigration. America is being swamped by the uncontrolled entrance of illegal aliens from many countries. This is happening because of the government's refusal to enforce immigration laws for the past few decades.

It's to our great loss that President Obama and our government aren't as wise as King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon. Did you notice what type of Israeli captives were chosen to be taken for repatriation in Babylon? Only the highly educated, the brightest and skilled Jews, men of character and stature and men of nobility. King Nebuchadnezzar did not want to populate Babylon with those of low degree or those unable to contribute to a superior Babylon.

America is not taking captives from countries we have defeated, as did King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, but we are allowing hordes of illegal and unwanted people into America. In truth they are criminals – criminals because they are here illegally. America was made great and strong by being a nation of laws. Now President Obama, the majority of government and American people think this influx of illegal foreign nations is okay. Is it?

Let us take a look at the cost of this illegal invasion of immigrants. (1) The cost of transporting, housing and caring for this army of illegals to tax payers is staggering. I don't know the exact figure but who does? Whatever the cost it is wasteful and misplaced. We have many Americans who should be supported before any illegal entrants.

(2) The majority of the illegal immigrants are under-schooled or uneducated and unskilled making them unable to support themselves or to be productive citizens. The most of them and their families will be permanently on the rolls of government welfare which comes from the American tax payers.

(3) It is pretty much known that many of these illegal immigrants are criminals or gang members. America does not need more criminals or criminal gangs. These people reek havoc upon decent, law abiding citizens. They are a scourge to any society.

(4) A real serious issue is that of health and hygiene. It has been reported that many of the illegal entrants have a myriad of diseases and health issues. We wouldn't allow sick or diseased animals into America why do we welcome sick and diseased illegal immigrants? Why would we want to endanger the health of our citizens?

I just can't understand the thinking of the liberal minds in America. They put the rights of certain people or a certain group ahead of the welfare of America. In respect to immigrants we would be far better off with a King Nebuchadnezzar than our President Obama and his like minded colleagues.



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author avatar Bill Harbin Jr
6th Aug 2014 (#)


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Aug 2014 (#)

My understanding of this Phil is ...that God is still in control , and His Word speaks of a One World System ....eventually to be ruled by the AntiChrist when the Church has been Raptured ...
With all respect ... no man could rule the whole world unless it was mixed up so much that there could be no boundaries as such .
I am just thinking out loud here ....but only God has the last word .
Many blessings

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author avatar Phil Jellerson
8th Aug 2014 (#)

You are correct, Stella. All that is happening in this world is under the control of God.

However, in regards to the illegal immigration problem we see how God is pulling the "strings." He is using our inept, impotent and godless government to create this border chaos.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
11th Aug 2014 (#)

We just have to pray harder how I see it , Phil
God Bless you

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