Privacy is an illusion

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We have had some wonderful technological advancements in the internet age. However; sometimes it is good to step back and ask the question "At what cost?".

I have seen the enemy, and he is us.

I remember the outrage people felt as they learned about the details of their government spying on them. I was one of those people once. And then I realized, how much privacy have we as a society given up voluntarily? We use credit and debit cards instead of cash, enabling hackers to obtain more information about us. We use “shopper reward cards” for discounts, but they also tracks our shopping habits. We use social media to post intricate details of what we are doing. We then even enable GPS on our phones to “check in” to tell the world exactly where we are at any given moment. We allow security cameras in our homes, but never know who really has access to them. We have cameras on virtually every device we use, which include: Phones, tablets, computers, and even video game consoles. We allow electronic toll booth collection devices, such as EZ pass to indicate exactly where we are going. In some cases, we even allow insurance companies to install devices in our automobiles to track our driving habits. Meanwhile, many traffic lights have cameras. And of course, since every phone now comes with a camera, you never know when you are being recorded. We allow certain occupations to have our fingerprints taken as a requirement for applying for purposes of a “criminal background check”. And now we are in a new era with the process of getting wearable devices, such as Fitbit and the new Apple watch. Some of these new devices will not only track where you are, but also track your heartbeat rate and activity levels. The next time that you want to get angry at the NSA for spying on you, think about all of the privacy that you have already given up voluntarily.


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12th Aug 2015 (#)

so true!!!!!

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