Punked! Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin Takes The Call!

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Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin says he will not negotiate with any of the Democrats who want to take the bill off the table which would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in the state, but has no problm speaking with a fake Koch brother for twenty minutes.

Mr. David Koch on the Telephone Line!

This week Governor Scott Walker was told that one of the billionaire Koch brothers was on the telephone and wanted to speak with him. It took two calls but the Governor took the call from someone he thought was David Koch. He reportedly thought he was speaking with a man who had supported him during his campaign to the tune of forty-three thousand dollars directly and one million dollars which was given to the Republican party to assist in getting Governor Walker elected.

Unless they are crazy, politicans will speak to their supporters when they call, especially those who are large donors. But this call was from an imposter and Governor Walker had no idea that he was not talking to billionaire David Koch.The telephone call reportedly lasted for twenty minutes.

The Koch brother imposter reportedly congratulated Governor Walker on his performance so far with not backing down on passing the bill eliminating the collective bargaining rights of the public state employees. Indicating that Governor Walker was doing a great job. Governor Walker reportedly thanked the imposter and went on to compare himself to Ronald Reagan and his firing of the air-traffic controllers when they struck during his presidency. Governor Walker felt that this was the moment in history for beginning to break the unions in essence. This will be the first domino the imposter is reported to have said. Governor Walker also stated in a quote on a television show on MSNBC, that this week there will be notices given out for potential layoffs of from five to six-thousand public workers. He said during the fake call that he will talk to the Democrats who left the state to avoid a Quorum but he will not negotiate with them. The Koch brother impersonator told Governor Walker that once he crushed the bastards, we'll fly you out to California for a good time. Governor Walker thought that would be a great idea.

The entire premise for the bill that is being fought over in Wisconsin, is said to be a state budget shortfall. But the report is that the Governor provided a tax cut for the wealthy of the state thereby creating the budget shorfall.

The 14 Senate Democrats are still in Illinois in an undisclosed location reportedly with no intention af returning, they all received a tape of the call between the Governor and the Koch imposter. One of the Senators said during an interview that they thought maybe the Governor was rethinking his decision but from the sounds of the taped bogus call there was no change. The unions reportedly have given the Governor most of the things that he wanted including paying 50% of their pension cost but his big plum is the collective bargaining rights. All or nothing is the Governor's stand on the issue. He will not negotiate with the Democrats but he will talk for twenty minutes with someone who he knows has the same union busting mentality he does. So very interesting to say the least. National polls show 61% of people do not want the union members to lose their collective bargaining rights, 33% favor the loss of rights. The Editor-in-Chief, Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast.com was behind the bogus telephone call.


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author avatar Denise O
24th Feb 2011 (#)

I believe in states rights, what other states do is their business and I keep my pie hole shut. Do you know, it is illegal to tape a conversation and share it, if the other person does not know they're being taped. We found this out, after a very abusive teacher made my son hell. We placed a tape recored in his pocket to tape the witch, she was calling these kids little fuckers, they were no good, they had ignorant parents that didn't care about them. I could go on and on, we have three tapes of her. We took it to the school board and they said we could not use it, since the teacher didn't know she was being taped yep....
the teacher had tenure and she stayed. We even had other teachers supporting our efforts and yet, she stayed.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar mountainside
24th Feb 2011 (#)

...I do know about the law that says you are to let the person know and/or get their permission to tape the conversation. I don't think Wisconsin is exempt. So the Buffalobeast,com person may find himself in trouble with the law. Thanks for commenting.

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author avatar Martin King
26th Feb 2011 (#)

nice read, look forward to reading more from you

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author avatar Dennis Swnson
4th Mar 2011 (#)

I fail to understand why Scott Walker is not in jail.

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