Purpose Provocation

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What the violent attack in Washington may have triggered more clashes and protests against the ruling party of Republicans.

Purpose Provocation

Another tragedy has unfolded with the most recent shooting at, above all places a baseball field, has reminded us just how fragile we take for granted playing what was once America's game can turn into a needless and unprovoked tragic incident. Questions have to be asked in light of this recent shooting. Was this violent assault just another random senseless and selfish attack? Or was this perpetrator provoked in some way by the actions, of a political party? It bares looking into to find the answers before another tragic incident occurs. It just maybe the tip of the iceberg of violent clashes between private citizens and elected officials who are bent on an agenda that is quite contrary to the majority of Americans.

It seems that for over the last 30 years so many Americans have not only felt neglected but are often targeted by our own government into surrendering what we have held dear. Our way of life, the American dream and our peace of mind that we had for years has slipped away. We are now faced with an unsure future. A future that holds no promise to those bright days of so long ago.

When we look back in history of violent clashes like the French Revolution and even the American Revolution violence became a necessary tool to achieve the results that changed history. When the ruling class, those in power that control the destines of citizens, or should we say subjects, use their influence to garnish more power, control and wealth without the slightest regard for the people they are supposed to serve what recourse do the people have to go to to make sure that the abuses of power won't be tolerated? When protests fall on deaf ears, when signed petitions fail to be heard, and when the voices of the people are silenced opens the door to violent confrontation.

For many of us it is as though the grease that is spinning the wheels of government today is being applied by the Republicans and the Trump Administration. And, with so much grease spread around these days the wheels of government are never going to get enough traction to move this country forward. In point of fact we actually are moving backward. When ever there was a bright spot in last years Presidential season the greasing of palms purposely kept the traction of America slipping away from the hopes and dreams of millions. The grease of corruption just might have triggered this one man's actions.

Could it be that this perpetrator of calamity felt justified when a political party and President ignore the voices of the majority. Someone once stated when one person attacks and randomly kill a small number of people they call him a murderer. But when a person kills thousands they call him a conqueror. Take Genghis Khan or Tamerlane for example. History tells us they were conquerors. Put this analogy into today's context. A lone perpetrator taking violent action against a small group of individuals who in his mind were essentially assaulting what he perceives an attack on his person. Whether it is the Republican's ambush on health care, Social Security, Planed Parenthood and other targeted policies that have made his life bearable in his mind had to take action. This lone individual, this 65 year old man, this lone attacker may have felt betrayed by the ruling class who continued to ignore his voice.

Again, we have to realize that the door is already opened to the possibility that more random violent clashes between the people of the U. S. and elected officials who act contrary to the well being of society as a whole will in fact create a modern day version of the French Revolution. And when that day arrives the entire landscape of America will be forever altered.


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