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With the world on the very edge so many questions have to be asked and yet no one is asking them.


In an uncertain world where so much vile terror continues seeping into every corner of the world, where so much despicable acts are committed against man and nature, where more inequality creates so much animosity there has to be questions that has to be asked. Yet, no one has come forth asking the right questions let alone offer answers to what the hell is going on in the world today.

If this past years Presidential primary season was any indication where questions should still be asked has proven the United States is dysfunctional as ever. No longer are we the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way. What we have seen for the past 40 years is a nation withering not only on that vine of lost opportunities but we have witnessed a complete deterioration of our liberties, our morality, our educational systems, and our justice system. These are the four principles of founding. Questions need to be asked to why we allowed our basic principles to erode to such a point that has effectively set in motion the downfall of a once great nation.

There is evidence today that shows where this nation is headed when in the first time in our history we have allowed two of the most unfavorable candidates grab their political parties nomination for the nations highest office. Questions need to be ask as to how we as a nation allowed this to happen? Many wonder did Senator Sanders think he was Obi One when he steeped aside in favor of Clinton? Did Senator Sanders sacrifice himself thinking that by stepping aside Clinton would turn into that all powerful Jedi Knight? Did the Democratic party establishment quietly confront Sanders with an offer he couldn't refuse? Or did the Democratic party convince Jeff Weaver to sway Sanders to step aside for the good of the party? These are some of the questions that really have to be asked. Yet, no one has come forth asking what the hell happened to our political process today when we are faced with the prospect of two of the most unpopular candidates who have displayed very questionable ethics and actions in line for the Presidency.

Where is the outcry for a political process that has become a juggernaut of corruption, deceit and lies. Not only is our political process void of ethics but our whole political system for years has put this country on the very edge of falling into the abyss of economic and financial devastation. The parents of my generation lived through the Great Depression and World War II. They came together and made the United States reach the pinnacle of greatness. And, yet today we are just a shadow of what we once were. How did we end up faced with so much inequality, so much economic starvation, a nation so fractured and a nation in so much peril?

Today, we have politicians who continue to pass legislation making it much easier for corporations to move their operations overseas specifically to keep from paying taxes. These inversion deals as they are called continue to keep corporate and Wall Street profits rolling in. In other words our companies that have moved overseas and there are so many that have already left and more will follow continue to enrich those new countries all at the expense of the American public. A travesty we have allowed to continue while at the same time that vine of lost opportunity continues to cause so much financial hardship here in the United States. Where is the outcry of why we continue to allow our elected officials to act not in the publics interest?

When we have elected officials many of whom blatantly act with full impunity as we so often see today where again is the public demanding justice before the law? With so much gun violence today our legislatures continue to debate the Second Amendment all the while the violence continues. It is time to ask the questions to put an end in these debates and implement the needed measures to greatly reduce gun related crimes and deaths. With all that is occurring from this Presidential election, to corporate inversions, to gun tragedies, to the vast inequality that really is at the heart of so many of our problems today questions really need to be asked.

Now, when we have our leaders send $400 million in cash to Iran at the same time 4 Americas were released questions really need to be asked. Was it a ransom or not? Assuming the United States legitimately owed Iran this 400 million, but sending $400 million in tax payer money at the same time that Iran released four American hostages at the very same moment the money arrived was it just coincidence, maybe not? Did Iran’s ruler just up and decide to release these people because he had a guilty conscience? Why did the Iranian government snatch these four in the first place? These people had no connection to each other. They were arrested, kidnapped all at different times and in different places. They were all charged with crimes. Yet they were all released at the same time on the same day and went home on the same plane. Why? Something happened. If it wasn’t the 400 million dollar cash payment, what was it?

As we can truly see so many questions need answers and yet where is the public demanding a true accounting of the actions taken by our elected officials and those seeking public office? If we don't start asking and demanding answers to these questions sooner than latter that vine of opportunity for the American people will be forever dead and buried sending the United States down that dark road to oblivion.


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