Rachel Dolezal; Portrait of Confusion

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The result of peculair parenting practices and ultra liberalism created a woman who doesn't know who or what she is

Passing for Black

The media used to be full of people who passed for white.

Whether it was a dancer, who seemed to have a promising career before her, such as Juliet Prowse, (until 'unmasked')whether it was a singer as Carol Channing, (who waited until she was 80 ro admit) or a movie as 'Imitation of Life', passing for white was a way to success.

Children of Apartheid, whether in South Africa or America could, if they were pale enough, escape into the White World.

This is the first we've seen a white woman chosing to pass as Black.

Blaming the Parents

As the usual ultra-liberals, Rachel's folks adopted black children. To insure these kids grew up with 'black pride', the parents became rabidly 'Afrocentric'.

Their daughter Rachel, who, alas, was not particularly exotic, being white and blonde, was pushed to the side.

As her parents overdid the benevolent white folks pushing Africa, Rachel grew up identifying as black. I'm sure nothing white was hailed in her house. This is so her parents could ensure the black kids they adopted grew with a sense of 'Black is Best', while their daughter felt, 'White isn't Right.'

This is not a case where the folks played European music on Monday and then went to African on Tuesday, this is a family in which the black kids were bathed in Black culture and white culture didn't exist.

So Rachel grew up in white skin thinking she was black.


People are their culture. They are born into it, they mature within it, and they become members of it. They do not realise that what they think or do or believe is put into them by where they are born.

The child born into a society where Football is almost a religion can not believe people do not consider watching the World Cup priority.

In 1998, for the first and last time, a Condom company was a sponsor.

The reason this was the last time they sponsored was that their ad said something like; "Somewhere in the world someone is using one of our Condoms and not, like you, watching television."

Only those who understand how important the World Cup is, will get how stupid the statement is.

Rachel,although white was raised to aspire to be black.


Here is a white woman whose artistic style is black African male. No one would believe that this young girl would create in that style.

Real parents would have noticed and exposed their daughter to other forms of art. But these folks didn't. The fact they were raising a white child to think she was black never entered their minds. They were busy with their adopted black children.

Rachel went to university, a Black University. Why?
She married a Black man...who else?

And somehow she drifted into that limbo where she thought of herself as Black.


For how many years has Rachel been 'black?' How many years has she seen herself as part of the American Black diaspora?

Now, you tell her she is white. Now her parents claim she needs psychiatric help.
Now she is embarrassed, disgraced and whatever she achieved is swept away because she's a fraud.

Only black people can hold office in black organisations.


We have all met people who physically can be placed in one race but whose culture places them in another.

The African who studies Law in England will sound like Prince William and have specifically posh mores. The Japanese who comes to Jamaica, plunges into RastafarI and raises children in that culture, can expect them to speak patwa.

Parents have to be careful with their kids, to know what inputs they are receiving and from whom.

Parents must consider what message is being sent. Is the child praised for exploits on the football field or in he class room? Is the child made to feel second best or exalted?

Is the child raised to be a flake or to achieve?

You are born here, you live here, this is what happens here, and so you eat, think, dress and behave as everyone else does, here. You belong here.

Raised to believe Black is best, that Africa is ascendent, by parents who never seemed to notice what was happening to her is why Rachel is rather confused.


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author avatar M G Singh
17th Jun 2015 (#)

Read about this. Most surprising

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author avatar Retired
17th Jun 2015 (#)

There is a lot of confusion here!

I suppose it is not surprising that people get confused about race in a country where a mixed-race President is automatically labelled "black".

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author avatar kaylar
17th Jun 2015 (#)

Rachel's problem is that her white parents adopted black children and did everything to raise them to be super black. So Rachel was sort of forced to come along.
I'm sure the music, art, movies, books in that house were mostly African or Afro American.
I'm sure if I was raised in China I would think I was Chinese

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author avatar Bets
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Good job :)

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author avatar kaylar
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar Retired
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Interesting post/

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author avatar kaylar
19th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you

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