Radical idea to curb illegal migrants in the UK

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The new 'Go Home' vans to curb the issue of illegal migrants within the UK have not been successful

UK tried to tackle the issue of illegal immigration - with banners.

The UK government have introduced a radical new idea to help curb the issue of illegal migrants in the country. The controversial campaign sparked many a heated debate when people caught a glimpse of the project parading the streets.

It is named a poster campaign and comprises of lorries and vans driving through the streets of the United Kingdom’s capital city, London, with huge posters advertising people to text or phone the numbers shown with information on illegal migrants and they’ve been dubbed the ‘Go Home’ vans. The vans have the caption ‘Go home of face arrest’ with statistics of arrests made on migrants in recent times.

The campaign has cost around £10,00 yet has been entirely unsuccessful receiving just 1,561 calls with information and of those 1,034 were confirmed hoaxes. There have been 11 illegal migrants however who took the vans as their cue to leave the country and they voluntarily left to avoid arrest. Along with the vans were many adverts in the UK’s published media and shop windows which have led to a further 60 voluntary departures from the country.

The Uk’s Immigration Minister, Mark Harper has spoken of of the further 60 departures will save the British taxpayer over £830,000 based on the cost of enforced removal to illegal migrants costins £15,000 per person. It’s also been revealed for the first time just how much illegal migrants cost the taxpayer of the UK with each migrant costing around £4,250 in public resources.

Andrew Green who is the chairman of the group, MigrationWatch UK has spoken out to defend the idea by acknowledging that this is the very first time the UK government have publicly revealed the astronomical cost of illegal migrants on the taxpayers of the country. The yearly expense of illegal migrants is around 6 times more than what it costs the taxpayer for the entire immigration system. He goes on to say that a firm crackdown on illegal migrants is absolutely needed. Humiliated Home Secretary Theresa May eventually scrapped the vans, admitting they had been 'too much of a blunt instrument' and decided not to roll them out nationwide.

After the hundreds of complaints received regarding the vans and the 17 wasted hours for the Home Office Staff who checked out the hoax information it was decided to scrap the idea and look at new ways to tackle the rising problem of illegal migrants in the UK.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Tough issue, as the US really ha a bad time with illegal immigration and suddenly stop it in several fronts, this will always continue

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Illegal immigrants are everywhere and an intractable issue - siva

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author avatar Bex8814
19th Mar 2014 (#)

It was revealed that over 11 million illegal migrants are in the U.S - I can't see how this issue can ever be solved. Predictions have been made that by 2030 the population of the UK will have risen to over 80m in part due to illegal immigration. I can't see how an island the size of the UK can accommodate such a high number of people.

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