Rats in India are Fatter than People

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Rats in India are healthier than the Indian people. They destroy food products and eat the food grains stored in warehouses. The food products spoiled like this is enormous.

Rats in India are Fatter than People

The menace created by rats in India is one of the reasons for its unabated malnutrition and under-nourishment widely prevalent all over the country. People of this country as well as the government try all their level best to curb this rat menace. But the problem is growing more and more serious that people in some areas have begun to eat rats also!

National Food Security Act
India faces the greatest task of producing food products adequate to provide over 1.2 billion persons of the country. In spite of all the drawbacks, the Indian government has announced a new National Food Security Act recently that assures to provide food security for all in the country. India is a large country where more than half of its people are reeling under hunger. But by the above act every family below the poverty line in rural as well as urban areas will be entitled by law to get 25 kg of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kilo.

India is fighting hard with the rats
Though the government is taking many steps, rat menace in India is great. Statistics say that more than 30 percent of the food produced in the country is either eaten or destroyed by the rats and other rodents. At a time when prices of food grains are increasing astronomically it is really heart rending to find that there is a criminal wastage of food grains by rats and rodents.

Rats multiply as a result of poor storage
The abysmal condition of storage facilities as well as the skeletal presence of Food Corporation of India storehouses is one of the main reasons for this rat menace. The inadequate storage facilities is also resulting in rotting of tones of food grains and rendered it unfit for human consumption as well as for animals. But this condition of storage becomes a feasting arena for the ever-multiplying rats. Actually the food grains in many states are stored in make-shift facilities and in the open, whereby they are exposed to the vagaries of nature and also to the rodent menace. It is estimated that five rats eat away food grains equal to the consumption of food grains by an average Indian. is laying the blame on the Some state governments say that it is better to distribute the grain free of cost rather than have rats eat it.

Rats plundering food grains in the Northeast
In the Northeast states of the country rat menace has become a routine burden especially in the bamboo flowering season. The rats first start with the bamboo rice, and then they invade the paddy fields. After feasting on paddy and inside granaries, armies of rats or rodents in these areas start targeting maize and other crops, devouring the crops in large quantity and leading to an acute food scarcity. The rats loot and plunder the areas, grow fat and multiply in great number.

Army deployed to battle against the rats!
Indian armed forces, which have been battling insurgents in the northeast for over six decades, are now engaged with another threat from an invincible enemy – rats. The rat population in the northeastern states of Mizoram and Manipur has witnessed a massive growth. With rats destroying crops and devouring grain, the threat of famine looms over the region!

Some states are popularizing rat eating!
Some states in North India have even begun to popularize rat eating to control the rat menace. The reward-for-rat scheme has been in force for around five years now. It was started in 2006 when the rat invasion gathered momentum. Their proposals to popularize rat meat eating are intended to uplift their socio-economic conditions. It solves two purposes; it reduces the number of rats and protects grain.

Though it may seem queer that rats eat food grains intended for people, it is a serious problem which has to be tackled seriously to protect humanity. Not only in India but it has become a universal problem now.


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author avatar Pat Anthony
22nd Aug 2010 (#)

This is amazing. The rats are healthier than the people. Probably they are in most places.

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author avatar TMLutas
22nd Aug 2010 (#)

As India has liberalized its food laws and permitted more of a free market approach, starvation has been reduced, though hunger still remains a problem. Could there be a relationship between legally mandated low prices for grains and there being little money to pay for 1st class storage facilities? I think so.

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