Republicans Declare No War On Women!

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I discuss, what has been said and done by Republicans that show an actual war on women. And then give my take on their Conservative, Religious Beliefs and how the two do not add up!


I recently heard the Republicans response to the State Of The Union Address, which was given by a women no less. In her response, she boldly "there is no Republican war on women". After I picked myself up off the floor, laughing my head off. I realised she was not joking, she was standing there with a straight face. Well, she may think her words were true. She may live in her own world. But, fact remains the Republicans do have a war on women! Let's look at the facts, shall we, opinions mean very little, however facts just never lie.


Let's look at the laws being passed in Red States across America these days. They are legislating everything from Birth Control, to other healthcare issues, like abortions, where a women can go for healthcare. So let's take a look by state at a few of these laws and their consequences.

Texas, has been a red state for years, recently they passed one of the strictest bills against women's health. It makes abortion pretty much against the law, no matter what. This law lead to a very big court case recently. It involved a pregnant woman, who was clinically dead. The family wanted her off life supports, the hospital, stating the law refused to grant their wish. So it went to court with the State Attorney representing the hospital. He argued that according to the new law, she had to be keep alive by machine until at the time the baby could service outside the mother's body, at which time they would perform a C-Section to get the baby out. Now the hospital admitted that the fetas was damaged in some way. But, they still had a obligation to see the baby born. The hospital loss the case. They removed the life support. However, they sent a bill to the family for the time they had her on machines against her families wishes. We will see how that turns out.

North Carolina also has passed laws restricting abortion, even when the mother's life is in danger. They have tried to curtail voting rights to everyone, not just women. They want to limit planned parenthood, which would limit access to health care. Planned Parenthood does a lot more then abortions and so a lot of poor women will not get the proper pre-natal care.

My own state of Virginia, shoved a law through that will effectively shut down all Planned Parenthood clinics. Again leaving a lot of poor women without medical care. Especially since they won't expand Medicaid here.

Other states are passing laws, including limiting what hospitals a women can go to, limiting just what a doctor can do for them. Some have passed laws saying a women has to have a vaginal sonogram, if she wants an abortion. Those exams are very invasive, they can cause damage to the woman both physically and emotionally, especially if the pregnancy was a product of rape. It can cause sterilisation or spontaneous abortions.


I heard a doctor on Fox News, not to long ago, discussing Obama Care. He was saying why the ACA was not fair to men. "Women should have to pay more for insurance, after all women have more parts then men." The ones interviewing him, agreed. Now those on Fox News are giving a script to follow, so I don't blame them to much. But, any doctor who would risk his reputation on there is not a good doctor.

Now, let's look at comments from those Republicans running for office or in office. This should be a real eye opener. There was the comment during a run for the senate. "Well, if it is a 'legitimate' rape, a woman's body has away to block a pregnancy. Not sure how it works, but a doctor told me that." Okay, High School Biology 101, no it does not. The body can not tell the difference between rape and consensual sex. And just what is his definition of "legitimate" rape anyway!

Then there was the comment, by another one running in that state that said "Well, if a woman gets pregnant from a rape, it is the will of God and therefore a blessing!" A blessing by God? A blessing to be raped? What Bible are you reading anyway? Then there was the senator from North Carolina, both a doctor and a scientist and the head of the science and technology committee. He said "There is no such thing as an embryo." Okay, let's say for argument reason, he was thinking it is already a baby. Even so he did not clarify this statement. And assuming what he meant can get us in a whole heap of trouble.

An Arizona Judge, gave a slap on the wrist to a police officer charged with assault on a woman. He used his badge to get into the club and put his hand up her dress. The judge told the victim "I went easy on him, because if you are going to be in a place like that you should expect that kind of thing to happen." No, she shouldn't. We should feel safe going out in our community, especially from a rogue cop!

Then we see the ones on the arm forces committee, investigating assaults in the military. Not only is the horrendous behaviour, it is also not just happening to women. They estimate that 71 armed service members are assaulted everyday. But a senator on that committee summed it all up when he said "Boys who are 18 and 19, just can't help it. The testosterone is just so high at that age." No! This has been happening for years, because women have always been on bases, either as secretaries or nurses as well as other civilian women.

More Examples Of The War:

Those Republicans in Congress feel that equal pay for women will be unfair to men. How? Most women that work provide money for their families. They do not think insurance should pay for contraceptives. Well, why then do insurances cover pills like Viagra for men or pumps for men? Those are not necessities either.

I heard one Congressman claim if women have excess to birth control then men should have the right to rape. How is that logical? I realise that we live in a society that has a rape culture and history of violence against women. But, the hate rhetoric I hear today is just disgusting! And these are men running our democracy. Making laws, how as a nation do we let them degrade women and not speak up!

Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio host, is always attacking strong women, so is Donald Trump. They call working women who are successful, whores, abortion whores, Feminine Nazi, saying we are shrinking their body part, etc. During the last presidential race, Romney talked about women should be submissive to her husband. He was over heard saying, he was not going to use is wife in the campaign only when he needed her to appeal to women.

My Opinion:

In my opinion, the Republican Party is waging war on the women in this country. Claiming good health care, her body, her job, her self worth is worth less then a man's. Is it because they know if we gain power we would do a better job? Or is it another reason lower than that? These days a lot of Families relay a lot on the woman's wages, and if they are paid less and have substandard healthcare, the whole family suffers.

They claim rights over women's reproductive health, well, a women's health is between a woman and her doctor. None of them in politics are doctors. We are human beings, not slaves to men. Most of us are equal partners with our spouse and coworkers. Men are not given the right to take what they want, when they want it. No matter who they are or what their title, or even how high the rank is.

I know they claim to be doing this in God's name. But they are only faking to gather in conservative Christians. They use God, Jesus, The Old Testament, apple pie and patriotism to not only subvert our Country, but to destroy it will lining their pockets with cooperate money. Their biggest donor got their start working for Stalin, they sell to China , and one top leader of theirs loves Castro. Yea, they love Putin. They do not want a Democracy they want communism. Ayn Rand was from Russia.

They scream about shari'a laws being implemented in the USA, yea, their the ones who want it. We can not tell others how to treat women if we do not get our own house in order. Rape is not a woman's fault and she isn't the one who needs her thoughts motive or actions questioned. Men need to take responsibility for their actions, to control themselves. I am tired of hearing men screaming about how if women didn't dress that way, or come on to them. We as women have to have strength and keep us under control, but they do not have control themselves.

In conclusion, yes there is a Republican war on women in this country and it is coming from the T/Publicans side. Let's stand together side by side and Vote them out this November 2014!


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Hear, hear!!

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