Review of the best educational sites and their apps

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If you are a great learner but unfortunately do not have any bucks to spend for classes, there are some great applications that will help you achieve that.

Review of the best educational sites and their apps

If you like a particular topic that is highly specialized, these apps can help you gain a college-level education. You don’t have to buy essay on your favorite topics to learn anymore. However, these apps can only act as supplement when a formal education from a qualified teacher is not possible. If you also need higher education needs like dissertation help or dissertation services, this article may not provide those.


Coursera is one of the best free choices out there to have an online education. Partnering with over 100 top-ranking university globally, Coursera offers quality education with a vast selection of over 600 courses in over 20 different subject areas—and for a price everyone can afford. Although Coursera classes have a schedule to follow, it can still be as flexible to cater to you availability. The classes are available in 14 different languages and while classes are interactive, all of its contents are free of charge. You can start your Coursera classes by downloadingmust-learn Coursera courses.

Aside from Coursera, there is also Udemy which has free and paid courses available. Udacity is also an alternative but focuses only on programming-related subjects.


Khan Academy have been greatly praised by many over the years. Even now, it still has not failed the people all around the world. It is another great free online education resource with over 4000 short lectures that effectively divides university topics into mini lectures and translating them into words that everyone can understand.

There are dozens of subjects that you can learn at Math, Science, English and Calculations. Khan Academy has been changing the way people look at education. This is still not an official app but nonetheless, its usefulness and convenience has served many learners. You may learn from Khan Academy whether you’re offline or online, however, this is only available on tablets. Some of these courses may be handy if you are needingdissertation help.
There are also other apps that primarily use videos as learning tool, for example, Grace and Mobento. These apps compile videos from many educational sources such as Khan Academy.

TED Talks

Education in itself is not enough. There is a time that you need to pause fulfilling requirements of the school, and maybe finding dissertation services to aid you. More than often, you need to gain relevant insights and comprehensions of the basic realities of life. In that, there is nothing as effective and informative as TED Talks. It is an organization composed of many stimulating speakers globally. Some of their talk topics range from the social media, social relationships, psychology and behavior and motivation. There are over 1,700 videos to explore and watch, with many of them translated to 22 languages.
Every year, thousands of students are wondering how to write a good paper work for the successful completion of the semester. EssayPro is a service where every student can get quality dissertation or essay in a short period. Experienced writers will provide quality work of any complexity. In this way, many students will get rid of the sleepless nights, and complete their academic year with positive assessment.


You can also learn new languages—and you do not need to enroll in formal lessons just to learn how to read and write in another language. Busuu is an android app that can help you in learning 11 of the most popular languages in the world. Busuu’s techniques are nothing like the pen and paper type of classes. It is more impactful as it allows you to interact with a community of other users and to practice a language! If you want to track you learning progress, this app can help you set those and your goals.

There are also alternative apps in learning languages such as Memrise, and Duolingo.

Star Chart

Star Chart is an app for those who marvels at the thought of the outer space. Why would you buy essay on these topics, when there is a great app that actually brings the sky to your smart device? Just hold and direct it up in the air to below any location of the sky and the app will determine what you are pointing. It includes the complete constellations and information on over 120,000 stars up in the night sky. Zoom, move around and tap a figure then you would gain data about it. There is also a feature that lets you see what the night sky can be years before and after.

However, there are also other astronomy apps available for Android such as Solar Walk or Sky Map. They also provide the same services and ability.
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Thanks for the exciting and useful tips.

I like to stargaze once in a while. How can we access these on desktop/laptop? siva

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awesome feedback about education

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awesome news

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10th Oct 2016 (#)

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My favorite one is Coursera. I`ve done two courses there, but sometimes I use to improve my writing. Thanks for the post!

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Nice port. Use this academic resource to help you to prepare for examination period.

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