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The Democratic party has been orchestrating a Clinton Presidency all along.

Rhapsody In Blue

Deceit, lies and corruption have all been apart of the American experience especially in our politics. But, it is this years Presidential election cycle that has underscored the magnitude in which the lies, deceit and corruption has infiltrated this years run for the White House. It has become apparent in their zeal to secure the election of Hillary Clinton to that lofty pinnacle of power the Democratic Party bosses wanted to make sure that nothing would stand in their way to elevate Clinton to the Presidency. In doing so the party establishment willfully, purposely and with malice intent broke every law in the book to make sure that their candidate of choice would become the next President. During the Democratic Primaries voter fraud was rampant from New York all the way to California. Lawsuit after lawsuit followed and yet the juggernaut of the Clinton machine has kept on moving right along. They made sure that Senator Sanders whose own attempt to thwart a Clinton candidacy would never succeed.

Right before the Democratic Convention it looked like Senator Sanders would contest the legitimacy of a Clinton nomination. But, in the end the Democratic Party succeed in regulating Bernie Sanders to a supporting role. Either they made Sanders an offer he couldn't refuse or out right threatened him. Either way we may never really know. But, what is for sure is that all during the primary season poll after poll signified that Bernie Sanders was the best possible candidate to defeat any Republican candidate the Republicans nominated. The question that remains is then why did the Democratic establishment go out of their way to the point of breaking every campaign law to secure Clinton as the choice candidate to take on the Republican Donald Trump? This when poll after poll indicated that Clinton would fare far worse and maybe even loose to Donald Trump.

Other questions keep occurring in light of what WikiLeaks has proclaimed and the assertion that Donald Trump is making that the election for President is being rigged to secure that Clinton is elected. We are now facing very serious ramifications if what was proven in the Democratic Primaries occurs in the general election. We'd hate to think the Donald Trump just might be right in his assertion that the general election is engineered to favor Clinton by the Democratic party just like it was during the primaries. But, what occurred in the Democratic Primaries is now being completely ignored by the main stream media. Those voter fraud lawsuits have met a roadblock to which the general public has now been kept in the dark. With malaise intent by the media to purposely ignore, not report the findings and in general sweep all those claims of voter fraud under the rug of political expediency. Meanwhile the Democratic faithful keep emphasizing the democratic process is being run above board. We know for a fact that the media has favored Clinton right from the start. With the media behind her candidacy has made it impossible for any breakthrough candidate to attain national recognition to the point that their candidacy would be deemed a viable one in the eyes of the press and then of the public.

One can not help wonder what the hell is really going on. Today, we are surrounded by intrusive, demeaning and demoralizing political TV adds. And, with a very complicit media that has ruled the roost for decades making sure third party candidates rarely succeed in deterring a choice candidates election is not reassuring that our democratic process is as authentic in the way our founding fathers envisioned for America. We can go back to the 1990's where the Clinton's under Bill Clinton's Presidency to find questionable occurrences especially with the Vince Foster case to find mysterious circumstances that have always surrounded the DNC and the Clintons. Today, there continues to be a shadow of improprieties that boarder on criminal actions that keep occurring within the Clinton camp and the very supportive Democratic party establishment.

For the sake of our democracy there has to be an independent inquiry by congress, the Department of Justice, and the FBI into all these assertions by WikiLeaks, expose the rulings on those voter fraud lawsuits from the primaries, and the fact that the media is in collusion with the DNC and the Clinton's. All for the purpose to expose the real truth behind what the heck has been going on. We'd hate to think that after the election the truth will come out that Donald Trump was actually right in his assertion that the election was rigged. Rigged by a very complicit media, the Clinton camp and the Democratic party.

If after the election when Hillary Clinton is sworn in as President the truth comes out that the general election was fixed just like the Democratic primaries our whole democratic process will have become nothing more than a sounding board for the rich and powerful to continue to undermine the sanctity of our Democratic Republic. If this is the case in the end the United States as envisioned by our Constitution and our founding fathers will be as obsolete as yesterdays rotary telephones.


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