Rise And Fall Of Dance Bars In Mumbai.

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Dance as a form of entertainment is liked by all. In Mumbai the dance bar culture which took off as a form of entertainment soon turned into prostitution racket which was disliked by the middle class society and fought for it's closure.

Should The Dance Bars Continue To Exist?

Mumbai being the hub of business activities attracts people from all around the country. Be it for business purpose or in search of better job prospects or as a daily wage labourers the city is loved by all and once one comes here there is no looking back despite any amount of hardships they face people strive hard to make a living and survive here. The glitz and glitter of this island city has many things to offer to it's inhabitants. influx to this city seems to never end migration seems to be steady. Since the British times people flocked to this city in search of jobs, for some maintaining a family was affordable while for some it was not.
Dance as a form of entertainment existed even in the past like mujra and cabaret. But, ii existed only in few selected places in the town side. These places were visited by these migrants after a hard day's work. Though these dancers carried the stigma of social evil they made it their means of livelihood. In the 80's came the culture of ladies serving bars which later on converted into ladies dance bars.
The culture of ladies dance bars started in Dubai much before it started in Mumbai. Since Indian migrants were on the rise since the last 30 yrs it also improved the business prospects of Indian business men out there. Since it was not possible for all to maintain their family they lived alone and loneliness made them visit such places for female companionship. Bar owners sensed the potential market for Indian dancers and hence many poor girls were lured into this profession and started making to and fro visits to the gulf. Slowly and gradually in mid 80's several dance bars opened.in Mumbai.
The traditional form of dance like mujra started to decline as these bars started functioning. These bars had a modern outlook and the dancers with revealing outfits who gyrated to Bollywood numbers attracted more patrons The classical music was replaced by Bollywood music. A lot of girls from dancing communities entered this profession owing to it's renumeration.. The economic condition of the dancers improved those who couldn't afford even two square meals found themselves being showered with wads of notes. No one can forget the infamous Abdul karim Telgi who showered Rs.93 lakhs on his favourite dancer while she was performing. Since these places were frequented by rich businessmen and underworld gangsters there is never drought of money for these dancers and they even prefer to become their mistresses.
However, these dance bars slowly started functioning as prostitution dens since there is no dearth of promiscuous men. These illicit activities were carried out under the patronage of it's owners. Since there is heavy flow of cash in this trade many modest Udipi restaurants soon got converted into dance bars and more such bars opened even in residential areas of suburbs which did not go down well with the sober middle class. who fought tooth and nail for it's closure. Finally, the ban orders for dance bars came into effect in the year 2005, which was a very healthy move by the state. As a result the dancers became jobless and started performing as singers in orchestras in the bars. The earnings were comparatively much low and the jobs offered by NGO's were not accepted .by them at all for even Rs.10,000 as pay appeared like peanuts to these unqualified girls.
The latest supreme court verdict of 2013 which came in their favour granting permission to re-open the dance bars is definitely good news to them. But, I feel we should stand in support by the state's decision which feels the ban should continue since this culture spoils the social fabric of our society, ruins the life of our youth and their homes. However, imposing a ban is not only enough we need to educate people about the deadly repercussions of getting physically involved with these girls.


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