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After thirteen days the ecological disaster was detected in the river The Passion, in Sayaxché, Petén, the consequences of pollution remain high because fishes and people stop drinking or using the water of the channel for fear that continue poisoned.

Community living along the banks point

Community that living along the river, points to the company Reforestadora Palma de Peten, SA (Repsa) as responsible for the tragedy; these are defended and say there are more farms of pollution.

The village of El Pato, located 355 kilometers from the capital, where it is presumed contamination began. The town, which is two thousand and 200 inhabitants, adjacent to three companies involved in the cultivation of oil palm.

Although dead fish are no longer seen on the surface of the river in place, the shortage even begins. People can not fish or use the water, because the authorities banned using natural resources risk of toxicity.

More than half of the population works for Repsa and the remainder obtained indirect work of the activities of the company.

Community refuse to talk or say because they are afraid to comment on the ecological disaster. Two people agreed to talk, but requested anonymity. One ensures that the problem of fish mortality as happened four times and that the company is guilty Repsa.

"Earlier this year they contaminated a stream that is on your property and the dead fish out of the river. Four months ago they killed hundreds of fish in a tributary of the river called San Ignacio. Besides deaths are May and June, "said the source.

Community said that in the affluent San Ignacio, "Repsa workers made a filling of about 350 meters" to prevent the contents from oxidation of waste batteries directly beside the river.

"The rain caused the contaminated water to overflow from entering the landfill and anyway the affluent," he stressed.


From the village, Prensa Libre toured by boat more than 40 km upstream and found that there are several factors that contribute to disaster.

The affluent San Ignacio is located some five kilometers from the community and its waters nauseabuandos odors feel. Community say that "this is common for months."

In this place there is a previous biological problem, as there is an overpopulation of armored catfish, also called "devil fish" a species brought from South America, which supposedly help "clean" the river.

However, this fish species originating damaged. "This fish can not eat, destroys trasmayos and caused injuries to several people because he has a thorn filuda in line," said one respondent.

Drain in the river

Following the journey upstream was found that the land where it is grown Repsa palm protruding pipe pouring industrial-size gray and green liquid, which falls directly into the river The Passion.

Passing near the place you can feel the same fetid odor in the stream San Ignacio.

As they confirmed by several community when he began fish kills "a palm company offered to pay Q200 for people to withdraw from the river the fish that may in the day".

In the course cornfields, whose fertilizers end up in the river and women washing on the banks of a tributary, despite the ban of the authorities they were observed.

According to residents of the village El Pato and Champerico, which began after the mass death of fish, several domestic animals were also killed.

They include chickens, ducks, dogs, and even a community reports that a horse apparently died from drinking contaminated water.

People complain that the government and environmental authorities do nothing to stop the pollution that plagues the area. "The river is dying, only noise is when something really bad, but nobody does anything," lamented a community.

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