Romney Considers Condoleezza Rice as his VP Pick

William Fullmer DVM By William Fullmer DVM, 25th Jul 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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Condoleezza Rice brings many qualities to the table that would benefit him in his bid for President of the United States.

Intelligence, wisdom, and grace.

Governor Mitt Romney would do well to choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate for his Presidential candidacy. She brings many qualities to the table that would benefit him in his bid for President of the United States.

The most important of her talents is knowledge of foreign policy. As an U.S. national security adviser to President George W. Bush she helped shape American foreign policy for the President at a critical time in our history. America became much more proactive in the war against terror in the post 9/11 era and Ms. Rice was central to forming policies and attitudes that still guide us as a nation.

She demonstrates an unparalleled intelligence, wisdom, and grace. She commands respect in the arena of world politics and as an academic. Fluent in both French and Russian she is very comfortable on the international scene. With this respect both internationally and domestically she can therefore take a leading role in formulating the foreign policy of Romney’s cabinet. Specifically Ms. Rice understands the need of continued vigilance in the war on terror. She was quoted as saying “So I think, if September 11 taught us anything, it taught us that we're vulnerable, and vulnerable in ways that we didn't fully understand.”

Regardless of whether Governor Romney selects Ms. Rice as his Vice Presidential Candidate or not, he would be wise to include her in his group of advisors. It would be difficult to find someone who can equal her experience, skill, and competence.


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author avatar Denise O
25th Jul 2012 (#)

In my opinion, he would be a fool not to. He should either have her as his running mate (I just do not think she will accept it, she knows the press will unjustly bloody her) or at least ask her if she would take on some kind of role in a Romney administration, if there is one. I love me some Dr. Rice, what a woman and one I have been looking up to with so much respect over the years. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
26th Jul 2012 (#)

I find it hard to believe this after seeing what she did under Bush....

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
27th Jul 2012 (#)

I am quite certain that the Republican Party leadership that is responsible for shaping and scripting this no-one-is-really-home strawman alternative to the President will tell him exactly who to select and what to say about it. Condi Rice? Why not. Does anyone really believe it would make one iota of difference? VPs don't generally do much after they garner the votes needed to elect 'their' President... even the capable ones.

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