Russophobia Comes To Britain

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First the Russians were accused of electing Donald Trump. Now they are accused of spending their “dirty money” in London.

Russophobia Comes To Britain

Is Russia, the Kremlin, or even Vladmir Putin the root of all evil in the world today? Some would have us believe that is indeed the case. One of these people is James Clapper; the former head of the NSA is now a pundit on CNN, wherein he had the audacity to claim that a spy who had been infiltrated into the Trump campaign was not there to spy on Trump but to protect him from the Russians.

A year and more on since the start of the sham Mueller inquiry, we are no closer to seeing or even understanding what this collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian Government might be, much less how it persuaded voters to reject Hillary Clinton in his favour. Sadly, it isn’t only American politicians of a certain persuasion and apparatchiks who are pushing this nonsense, there has been a fair amount of Russian baiting in the UK. For some idea about how absurd this is, try substituting the word Jews for Russian every time you hear it in that context; Vladimir Putin himself suggested as much.

In the UK though, the attack is not only on Russian politicians and (real or imagined) hackers but on wealthy Russians, so-called oligarchs, who are now such a threat to the public good that the British Government has introduced legislation to freeze or even confiscate their assets.

Unexplained Wealth Orders were introduced last year. What, people have to explain how they obtained their wealth? Apparently yes, if they are foreigners and wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, or maybe not so wealthy; the ceiling for these orders is a mere £50,000. At the time of writing, the average house price in London is a shade over £630,000, which puts that figure into perspective.

Unexplained Wealth Orders were not introduced solely to tackle the supposed problem of extremely wealthy Russians spending their money in Britain, although the first UWO was issued earlier this year against an unnamed individual who appears to be a Russian national, but the latest target of this insanity is a household name in Britain, certainly to anyone with the slightest interest in the misnamed beautiful game. Roman Abramovich is the boss of Chelsea Football Club, an institution on which he has spent money like water. He also has a record of philanthropy that would make most other billionaires blush, yet he was unable to watch his team win the FA Cup live on May 19 because, it has been reported, he will not be allowed back in the country until he explains his wealth. The arrogance of the people running the UK’s so-called criminal justice system is a wonder to behold.

What is behind this hate Russia madness? The Cold War is long over; the West won, let us at least be gracious in victory. Or are there those on both sides of the Atlantic who long for its return, perhaps even for a war that is not so cold? We have to stop this madness before it is too late.


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