SEX! Now that I have your attention, why is the Free World picking on Syria?

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Sure, the al-Assad regime isn't exactly your grandma when when it comes to friendliness and respect for basic human rights, but why are the United States and European Union focusing on Syria? Of all the liberty and freedom-killing regimes in the Middle East, Syria is but one. In fact, it is one of the more secular Islamic countries you'll find. So if defending the innocent is such a noble cause, why doesn't the West apply its logic more broadly and end the hypocrisy?

Are our leaders members of the Mad Hatter Brigade?

We've constantly heard about the brutality of the Hussein, Gaddafi and al-Assad regimes. Two of these guys are now dead and the third is facing imminent removal if the Arab Spring has taught us anything. But why just these guys and their cronies?

Look at a country like Saudi Arabia. Women can be jailed for driving, are denied even the most basic education by our standards because they have a uterus and not a penis, and generally treated as property in human flesh. If you're a Muslim and decide that faith isn't for you and renounce it, you face execution in public. Jews are referred to in children's textbooks as animals undeserving of pity or even life.

And guess what? Saudi Arabia is our ALLY!

I don't for a minute condone the actions of al-Assad and having tanks try and crush civilian protests. But why in God's green Earth are we bashing on the door of Syria when nutjobs like the royal family in Saudi Arabia allow all sorts of barbaric, totally unacceptable acts against civilians?

It's horrendous that both George Bushes could drone on and on about the atrocities committed under Saddam Hussein but had nothing to say or critique about the crime committed by their chums over in Riyadh.

Next time you hear some leader bagging or singling out a country in the Middle East, start to wonder why they aren't mention the other basketcases in that region. You'll be surprised!


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29th Nov 2011 (#)

We are all so selective when it comes to chosing enemies. The US needs Saudi but doesn't need Syria. It needed its old ally Egypt, but turned against Mubarak when it saw how things were going. Self interest will always be the guiding principle in these matters my friend.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Nov 2011 (#)

I have shared your views on Facebook, there is always more to the picture, isn't there?

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