Sad Story: My servant Girl was Bitten by a Cobra and Died

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The Cobra is adeadly snake and a human cannot survive a bite by it. My servant girl was bitten by a cobra with dire results

Cobra and Death

India is a land of animals and wild life abounds here. It is also home to I think one of the largest species of snakes in the world. The deadliest of them is the King Cobra. This snake is also revered in Hindu thought and practice and the snake god Visaka has a special place in the Hindu pantheon of gods. This snake god in one version of the Mahabharata is also the lover of the princess Draupadi.

There are many varieties of cobras in India, but the most famous is the King Cobra. Many Cobras are pets in temples and in particular the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Normally a Cobra will not attack a human being, but if it feels threatened or someone inadvertently steps on it, then it defends itself by biting the person. The venom of the Cobra is very lethal and unless immediate medical attention is not received in a few minutes, the man or woman bitten by a cobra will not survive. There are many snake bite deaths in India.

I had a sad incident in my house hold. I used to have a young servant girl who did odd jobs for me. She was in the habit of going about barefoot and despite my buying her a pair of sandals, she would still walk around bare foot. One day she ventured into the bushes and was bitten by a snake. This happened when she had gone home to her village for a short holiday. I learnt of her death through her brother who phoned me. It saddened me greatly.

The villagers did not realise the gravity of the situation and instead of taking her to the local health center, rushed her to the priest at the local temple. This was a grave mistake and much time was wasted. The priest advised the girl be taken to the health center, but by the time the people reached the temple the girl expired. This was a sad end and entirely due to the ignorance of the villagers. I wonder what can be done. It’s about time the doctor attached to the village health centers did more than just sitting and dishing out medicines. He must educate the villagers for timely medical attention. I am saddened thata young life was lost for no reason.


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11th Dec 2015 (#)

Any life is precious but seeing a child demise is a real grief.

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