Salinating The Planet: Amount of Urine and Urea Produced by The World Population

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This article explores the amount of urea produced by an average man and the world population. Exploring the numerical values and analysing the properties of urine.


The liquid waste product of the body secreted by the kidneys is known as urine. The blood is filtered by the kidneys and the waste is excreted by the process called urination through the urethra. The liquid waste product generated as a result of cellular metabolism is rich in nitrogen and requires elimination form the blood stream.

Composition of Urine

Urine is a transparent solution and can be colourless to amber coloured with 95% water. The major part of the remaining 5% is the urea. Dissolved salts and other organic compounds are also found.

The smell of urine can be affected by the kind of food we intake. Asparagus, curry, alcohol, coffee, meat, onion and sugar in foods can make the urine smelly.

Uses of Urine

Urine also contains proteins and other substances that form ingredients of many prescription drugs. Urine from pregnant woman contains enough human chorionic gonadotropins.

Pregnant mare urine is a rich source of oestrogen.

Urine is used for manufacturing gun power.

It is used as a mordant to help prepare wool.

Urine contains large quantities of nitrogen well as significant quantities of dissolved phosphates and potassium, the main macronutrients required by plants. Diluted at least 8:1 with water it can be applied directly to soil as a fertilizer.

Ecological consequences such as eutrophication, can result from an influx of nutrient rich effluent into aquatic or marine ecosystems. The fertilization effect of urine has been found to be comparable to that of commercial fertilizers with an equivalent NPK rating.

Volume: The statistics

The amount of urine produced depends on numerous factors including state of hydration, activities, environmental factors, size, and health. In adult humans the average production is about 1 - 2 litre per day. The average amount of urea in the urine of an average human is 15 grams per day.

Amount of urine produced by a man in a year

1.5 x 365= 547.5 Litres

Amount of urea produced by a man in a year

15 x 365 = 5,475 grams = 5.475 Kg

Amount of urine produced by the Indian population in a year

547.5 x 1,172,720,000 = 641,712.3 Million Litres

Amount of urea produced by the Indian population in a year

5.475 x 1172720000 = 6,420,642,000 Kg = 6.421 million Tonnes

Amount of urine produced by the world population in a year

547.5 x 6,707,000,000 = 3,672,082,500,000 Litres = 3,672.082 billion Litres

Amount of urea produced by the world population in a year

5.475 x 6,707,000,000 = 36,720,825,000 Kg = 36.721 million Tonnes

Ginormous quantity is it? Imagine, where they go?

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3rd Jul 2010 (#)

Interesting facts and figures.

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author avatar C. Michael Davis
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

Across the United States many golf courses now take septic waste that goes through a filtering process. The final liquid is clear potable water. The solid waste goes into a press and is further treated through a heat process to destroy harmful bacteria and benefical bacteria and other nutrients are added back into the pressed materials. This is then used as fertilizer on the golf course. Many operations sell the excess to local farms. Many things we see as waste are simply product making materials. Thank you for your work and comments on this issue.

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author avatar wonder
4th Jul 2010 (#)

Its not harmful after all, interestingly shared.

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