Samrat Hemu, Fit for the Title- The Greatest Hindu Warrior.

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Hemu may be considered the greatest Hindu warrior for the string of victories he led against the Moslems

The Exploits of Samrat Hemu

This is a question that is difficult to answer as depending upon perception one can opt for any warrior from Porus who stopped Alexander to Hari Singh Nalwa who brought havoc on the Afghans in the North West. Then we have Shivaji Maharaja who battled the Moguls and Guru Gobind and Banda Abrader who also fought the Moslem tirelessly. But among all these warriors my vote will go to Samrat Hemchandra Vikramaditya, popularly called Hemu.
The Greatest Warrior
I vote for Hemu because of the peculiarity of his reign and the period he lived in. It should not be forgotten that Hemu lived at a time when the Hindus were bested in all battles by the Moslems. In such a scenario he was like the phoenix that rose from the ashes and fought the Moslems. It is in record that Hemu won 22 battles against the Moslems on the trot. No Indian king ever had won so many battles against the Moslems.Right across North India Hemu won battle after battle as he swept towards Delhi. He captured Delhi and crowned himself Emperor. He was also the first Hindu who after 350 years was crowned as Emperor at the Purana Quila. A painting of that period shows that even Afghan and Moslem chiefs paid homage to Hemu. In fact his fame spread far and wide and Historians have recorded that the Moslems had the element of fear when they faced Hemu. Hemu was also deeply respected by the people he led and he had all the trappings of a great warrior king. It is a matter of regret that his reign at Delhi was cut short by an act of providence and no Hindu after him ruled from Delhi.
Hemu as a Warrior
Hemu was thus a great warrior. Let us now come to the second battle of Panipat which he fought against Akbar and his General Bairam Khan. Much has been written about this battle, but perhaps Hemu would have won if an act of providence had not come on the side of the Moslem army. Hemu suffered an arrow hit in his eye .This was just by chance and he was rendered unconscious. Before this the Mogul force was gripped by despondency and was considering retreat as Hemu and his elephant corps repeatedly charged the Moslem force. However after the act of providence the Moguls could rally and turn the tables on Hemu. I sometimes wonder whether it was the wish of the divine that the Moslem should rule over Hindustan. I can see no explanation for the defeat of Hemu except that it was fated for Moslem rule to be established in India.
But now after a lapse of 500 years we can look back at Hemu and admire him as the greatest of the Hindu warriors.


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author avatar Retired
6th Jun 2011 (#)

An outstanding historical article. Thanks!

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author avatar SYadav
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Winning 22 battles on trot is commendable. Yes ! no Indian warrior fought and won so many battles. Hemu does deserve this title "The Greatest Hindu Warrior in Indian history"

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author avatar Sudhay
17th Oct 2011 (#)

Medieval history of India is entirely written by Mughals. They have delibrately painted Hemu in poor colours. All his qualities like respect to all religions, only aim to throw invading Mughals out of India, keep his army in good humour etc. are ignored and negative things written about him. Hemu had a long carreer with Suris from 1540, as supplier of Cannons and Gun Powder and cereals etc. Till his death in the battle field in 1556 his character is exemplory. He deserves to be called as the greatest Hindu Warrior of all times.

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author avatar Hemanth
5th Mar 2012 (#)

Herculean effort

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author avatar Lata Desai
7th Jun 2012 (#)

It is quite strange that we never heard of this warrior who is rated so high. In fact Indian history is not written fairly. Wikipedia does provide some info on this warrior. Good finding.

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author avatar Masculineffort
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Tough to say who is the greatest. Luck should also be a factor. No less a man than Napoleon used to ask if his generals, "Is he lucky?" Thus luck is also a mark of a great General. And Hemu was (in)famously unlucky. Thus my vote for the greatest Hindu warrior of all time goes to Emperor ChandraGupta Maurya, Grandfather of Emperor Ashoka. He defeated Macedonian forces, the superpowers of the time. He was also undefeated unlike our good friend Hemuchander. But there are other honorable mentions. So he is the Alpha Dog of the pack. No one even comes close. Luck. acumen, courage, strategem, persona, he had it all. A Giant of a man, metaphorically. Had he been a little bit older, he would have skirmished with "Alexander the Great". After fighting the great C., "Alexander the great" would have been simple known as Ol' Alex. There are other contenders ofcourse, but they are not in the league of the Great C. Here are some honorable mentions.

1. Emperor Yashodharman: Defeated the Hunnish invasions of India. Not a small feat. The huns were the superpower of their time. Remember Attila? The only reason we Indians do not talk about the Huns is Yashodharman. If that idiot Prithiviraj was anything like the honorable Y, muslims to us would not be very different from Mongols. Irrelevant

2. Emperor Lalitaditya Muktapida: If not for this man, the muslim Rule of Delhi would have started three hundred years before it already did. He smashed the Islamic armies so bad, they said "F*** it" to India and decided to focus on the Crusades with the Christians instead.

3. Raja Hemuchander: This post, after all is about H.

4. Maharaj Shivaji: Does anything more need to be said about this man?

5. Maharaj Ranjit Singh: Sikhs are just Hindus, but courageous, right?

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