Saving the Chinese Alligator

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The Chinese alligator is a rare species, but is dying and needs special efforts to conserve it

A rare Species

The Alligator is an amphibious cold blooded creature that lives in swamps and rivers. It is generally a fresh water animal and is not found in the sea. Alligators are a species that inhabit all areas of the world. They are also found in China. Unfortunately the Chinese alligator is almost extinct and very few species remain. It must be understood that the alligator is different from the Crocodile.
Alligators in Chins are almost extinct. Very few of the species have survived and efforts are on now to conserve the Chinese alligator. The Chinese alligator is much smaller than the American alligator, being closer in size to the Indian Alligator. It reaches a length of about 5 feet and weighs less than 100 pounds. The Chinese alligator is smaller in size than other alligators found all over the world. As things stand just about 00 of this species remain in the waters of China. This by itself is at an alarming scenario. The Communist government in its initial years did nothing to save the Alligator. It is only now that the species has attracted wild life conservatism.

Alligator is an endangered Species

The alligator is under threat of extinction, particularly in China and SE Asia. One reason for the alligator becoming almost extinct in China is that the alligators were killed en masse for use in tonics and cures of Chinese traditional medicine. But now there is greater awareness and the Chinese are trying to breed the alligators in zoos and releasing them in the rivers.
American Alligators were also on the endangered species list at one time. They were first classified as an endangered species in 1967 by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Due to legal protection, the population of gators has boomed in just 20 years. India has a lot to do to conserve the Gharial the Indian alligator.


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author avatar Judy Ellen
30th Jan 2013 (#)

Great page Madan! I heard about this on Animal Planet! Interesting!! I have not been able to get into my comments for a few weeks now and am not writing any new articles until this is resolved. IN the meantime I will try to find your articles by googling your name. Hope all is well with you!

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author avatar M G Singh
1st Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you judy for your comment

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author avatar Delicia Powers
2nd Feb 2013 (#)

Great article thank you Madan...

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author avatar M G Singh
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you Delicia. Nice to have you back

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author avatar Johan
17th Feb 2013 (#)

Read about the chinese alligator and more endangered animals

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