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Google is one case, there are many other search engines using similar algorithms...a machine "thinking" but garbage in garbage out. The machine gives out misinformation faster and faster.

Do search algorithms shape thinking?

A new study asks if Google is choosing the outcomes of elections by implanting negative stories with keywords. Similarly, wikipedia leaves out some facts and has multiple names and keywords for conflicting articles about the same topics. Such as "global warming conspiracy" or "geoengineering." Maybe the third one will be called "lies respected authorities told me."

Question: who paid for this "new" study? More questions: Did google fix the Scotland election? The Israeli election? Are most of the clicks using cell phones to surf? Small screen, per minute charges, no way to organize and take notes? Lots of distractions?

So this is exactly what David Wilcock's Libel suit addressed, that anyone googling his name got the word "fraud" as well. It's been cleaned up. So has mine, it used to be if you googled me you would get hits about mental illness, denial and parenting problems. I had one kid, he's 20. Now you don't get those hits, and it's changing. I have not changed much.

The hits you get colour your thinking. The user considers a few hits on google to be "authority." I did associate David and fraud for a few years whilst convincing myself I need to check his references and footnotes. Surprisingly, they ALL checked out.

Why is this surprising? I worked as a professional litigation assistant in California for about 27 years. Lawyers from Harvard and Princeton do not do THAT good a job on footnotes as David Wilcock does. He's obsessively thorough. Every link is live. Everything checks out all the time, except maybe Schuman Resonance Frequency, because the official American record has not agreed yet with the official Russian record from this year. So where did the "fraud" come from in the old google searches on his name? And where did "mental" come from in searches on mine? Old software. Old data. Unproven allegations. False allegations. They can add an element of credible doubt, someone programs a few words. If enough people see those words in google hits, it can become the new reality unless the subject rejects the discrediting effort.

Occasionally the command to discredit Abby gets retransmitted. The obedient robot, who knows me not because I rarely go out, am cautious, etc. is in a bind. How to entrap the person who is overly cautious? Google her. All the information is out of context or old. The robot does not know this. It copies a few key words and continues to reuse those. It's amazing but three or four words pre-federal deaf ruling keep coming up: loud, yelling, profane...all negative judgments about deaf, all used to discredit me 10 years ago, in somebody's database, barfed up on command for two people now the target of my libel suit, filed on August 13, 2015, Ovitsky v. Commonwealth, an Oregon Circuit Court case which explains the whole thing in about 15 double-spaced pages.

My new questions: how extensively is google used, and how often are the updates updated/cleaned out? Does it always require a libel suit to update google? My old realtor told me that some landlords will not stop harassing certain tenants until they get a summons or a court order, like a robot...a golumb. The robot does not stop until it hits the paper wall that says "Summons" at the top.

A few years ago a librarian traveling from Canada to Los Angeles was turned around at the border because a five year old record popped up when her passport card was scanned that said she had "suicidal tendencies." In fact it was something like an episode of depression (possibly pharmaceutically induced?) and no symptoms for five years. She was denied her vacation. This was an elderly woman. She went back to Canada and sued. It took a lawsuit to get her a refund of her ticket, a rescheduled bit of R&R and more importantly, to change the old rule to one of keeping mental health records (or any negative information) for five years, then purging the archives.

Does google purge every five years, or do they just sell information to the NSA? Does NSA purge ever? Absent Snowdens?

Marshall McLuhan's words again echo "The medium is the message"


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