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Kevin has been getting all his stuff ready to go to high school. He now needs a white shirt.

Mother suggested he goes to have a look in the basement at all Father and Kevin's brother's old shirts; perhaps he'll find something there and they won't have to go buy new shirts. Buying new shirts right now is almost meaningless seeing as Kevin is growing a lot these days.

And so, it's off to the basement!

Secrets in the basement

A door in the green bathroom leads down to the basement. Kevin lights himself a parraffin lamp and puts on a jacket as it is rather cold down here.

Ah, there are the shirts on a rail. He sees a white shirt that might do it.

As he moves the clothes on the rails away, he can see what is behind them in the basement.

And he immediately recognizes that all those interesting things standing around is Grandpa Barend's old things.

Immediately he is drawn to it. He decides to have a browse through it again.

There are so many interesting things, even though most of it is pretty plain. It is really the anecdote and the magical stories that Grandpa used to tell around them all, that is making them most fascinating.

There is for example the shovel that dug an ocean, the bellows that can conjure up a storm, the special air rifle that has been adapted to have the capacity to shoot with the power of twelve horses, and many more other interesting items.

Then of course there is the Encyclopaedia For The Explorer, the book Grandpa Barend Sweefarend had written about his discoveries in geography, science and the magical arts; as well as his journals full of adventures.

After some point in one of these journals however, the pages are all blank.

This to Kevin is an invitation to continue the writing.

What if? What if Kevin did continue Grandfather's work? With trusty old Majoor Blaffinski by Kevin's side, he feels they can accomplish anything!

Don't delay! Preview "Secrets in the basement" now!


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