"Seductive Crime"

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Four women in Fort Lauderdale,Florida are accused of preying on men from bars that they picked up. Photos of these women were released. One of these women has turned herself in. There is $1,000 reward for anybody that comes forward with tips or clues on this investigation. You will remain anonymous of course. Authorities want these women out the streets before they hurt someone seriously with the firearms that they are stealing from the men.

"Foxy Thieves"

These four women are known as the "foxy thieves." They are drugging men that they choose at bars. Stealing tens of thousands of dollars in cash,jewelry,guns,and other valuables. Photos and warrants on these women have been linked out. Authorities believe that there are more women involved.
These attractive women came up with a scam to lure them into these men home to rob them while they are drugged up. They flirt with middle-age or older men that wear expensive jewelry. Then they go back to his home,drug him by slipping a drug in his drink. Rob him and be gone before he wakes up.
This has been going on for the past couple of months. Keshia Clark,27,has turned herself in to the authorities. It is said to believe that the other women haven't came forward yet because they are embarrassed. These women should have known eventually;that they would get caught,even if it's one by one. Just like with any other crime,consequences follows right behind.


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oh this is damn risky out there are these women pretty too........oh men have a distinct danger then....

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