Senseless And Tragic

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The right to bear arms has come into the forefront of the news as well as stand your ground. Both have to be redefined in order to reduce the violence in America today.

Senseless And Tragic

" It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Charles Dickens opening to the Tale of Two Cities. A story of the French Revolution. How apropos for today! And yet strange as it may seem the complexity of living now compared to then. Who would have thought we'd come this far. Or did we? In some aspects like technology, have brought unparalleled advances toward a better quality of life. You would think that along with technology society would also. But, it has not. Just when we thought it was safe to go to the movies a willful act by one individual now defines a new generation of movie goers. This total disregard for the sanctity of human life was so evident when a deranged individual carried out the most vicious heinous carnage upon an unsuspecting public.

In all the news of today a sense of foreboding tension, a silent force that is ripping across our moral fiber, a sagging truth of unprecedented demise of morality, liberty, and justice. A world we once new, is no more. This because individuals like the one that carried out that murderess assault in Aurora Colorado keep getting access to weapons they have no business acquiring. As a society we must all face the consequences of our actions and now of our inactions. We all know about the second amendment but the right to bear arms has now emerged, yet again, the debate of it's relevancy in this the 21st century.

The Republican led support of the NRA typifies the ongoing reluctance to accept that with this right comes a very serious responsibility. For years our congress has only encouraged, supported and even sanctioned more of the NRA's ability to impose their agenda upon the American public. When congress failed to intercede with the extension of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban back in 2004 ever since then all versions of the AR-15 assault rifle and others have been legal, for sale, and possessed by anyone who applies for a gun permit and is able to pay for it. Just as frustrating is the fact that ever since 2004 the escalation of violence in and around the Mexican boarder has only continued.

How many more innocent lives lost will it take before we as a nation realize that reform of gun laws and even an outright ban on certain weapons has to take place? Assault weapons have no place being in circulation available to the general public in a civil society. That right to bear arms as stated in the Bill Of Rights is implied as another inalienable right much like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, there again any right guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights comes with the stipulation that a responsibility to ensure the implementation of that right does not interfere with another persons right.

Through-out our history amendments have been added that reflect the growing changes in the evolution of our society. With those changes comes the interpretation that add or detract from the exact context of those amendments. The second amendment is one such article that today is interpreted with such ill regard for the safety of the general American public. Our founding fathers had sought to imply that the right to bear arms would be a safeguard against tyranny of the overbearence of government to infringe upon the rights of it's citizens. Some might argue that is exactly what the government is already doing today, that being an infringement by the overbearence of our own government.

With the advent of newer technologies and greater means for self destruction with less degree of personal responsibility for the second amendment the right to bear arms is almost rendering the United States incapable of halting the carnage of life and thus the devastation of our society. Still with all the ways to reduce the horrific violence caused by the callous, premeditated and vicious acts by individuals are continually overlooked and often dispelled as either ineffective or just plain not warranted. Yet, we continue to have factions, individuals, or groups with armaments and the means to use them that far exceed those that are used by the agencies that are sworn to protect and serve our society. A sobering question needs to be addressed in light of this most recent atrocity. Are the people of the United States using the second amendment as a means to garnish more armaments in the event of civil unrest or is the United States on the brink of real social upheaval? What ever the reason for the discontinuation of that Federal Assault Weapons Ban the people of the United States must become more responsible in the decisions made involving the procurement and all use of the right to bear arms.

Since the inception of the automobile the enormous destruction of property and loss of life caused because of the carelessness, the lack of proper safety procedures, and the fact that newer and faster models are more available has made it necessary for the United States to pass legislation that the operation and use of an automobile become a privilege, not a right. Doing so made it necessary for individuals to learn how to properly use and safely operated not only cars, but planes, motor cycles, boats and all other sorts of motorized vehicles. Everyone now must pass both written and physical operational tests for those motor vehicles before a license is issued. There lies personal responsibility. Though there continues to be more devastation caused by mans disregard for his responsibility when they get behind that wheel.

When a right is no longer justified is contingent upon, like the privilege of the operation of motor vehicles, should not be guaranteed but rather a privilege. We know that background checks, safety classes and such are automatic for those who seek to purchase a gun. What has to be considered is the amount of automatic and assault weapons that are available with little or no follow up when those types of weapons are bought or sold. There are now many ways to eliminate the violent atrocities that keep making headlines involving the use of such weapons that have no place in our society. Sad to say the reluctance of our legislatures and the NRA to openly endorse the reforming of our gun laws has only left the door open for more horrific tragedies to occur time and time again.

A point to consider in making the procurement of such weapons more difficult would be to impose a high credit qualification score when one walks in to purchase an automatic weapon. There are already credit qualifications that now are enforced when one seeks employment. Another step would be that a micro chip inserted in the palm of the hand of the individual who purchases a gun or rifle would match the microchip in the palm of that weapon so that only the person with matching micro chips would be able to use that weapon. Those are just some of the many issues that can be involved in the reform of current gun laws. The lives saved and societies rescued from all the devastation caused by mans misuse of the second amendment will now be greatly reduced.

Our society today has evolved to the point that it has become necessary to save ourselves from the self destruction caused by random acts of violence due to our reluctance to start using the technologies that have been developed for securing the safety of all. Amending the Constitution with the second amendment becoming a privilege and not an inherent right. To reform our current gun laws with some of the provisions mentioned just may be that first step on to that long road toward our societies stability and security.



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20th Jul 2013 (#)

you really researched this well Tim...a great piece indeed...

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21st Jul 2013 (#)

A very complete article.

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