Seperating Colorado's Marijuana Laws from the Myths - How to Sort Through it All

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Have questions about marijuana? Is it really legal in Colorado? Information is Vital.

Legalized Pot

In 2000, Colorado passed an amendment to the state constitution allowing patients to use medical marijuana under the supervision of a physician. Then in 2003, the Colorado legislature approved and the governor signed a bill reducing the sentencing for minor infractions of possession under certain amounts. Finally in 2012, voters in Colorado approved measures to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana for recreational use, becoming one of the first U.S. states to do so.

The measures allow personal possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for anyone at least 21 years old. The measure also permits marijuana to be sold and taxed at state-licensed stores.

Yet, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said its enforcement of federal law, which outlaws the production, possession and sale of the drug, remains unchanged.

So although marijuana is legal to use in Colorado, it is still a very confusing topic.

One important fact that users should beware of is that it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public and it is illegal to drive high.

Legal Jargon

If you have time you can check out all the statutes, revisions and bills, but who has the time? You may think that now, but these are measures and guidelines that are important to know if you plan on buying or using marijuana.

Colorado Revised Statutes 18-18-406.3 - Medical use of marijuana by persons diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions - unlawful acts - penalty - medical marijuana program cash fund.

Colorado Revised Statute 25-1.5-106 - Medical marijuana program - powers and duties of department

House Bill 1043 - Concerning Medical Marijuana, and Making an Appropriation Therefor.

House Bill 1284 - Colorado Medical Marijuana Code

Senate Bill 109 - Concerning Regulation of the Physician-Patient Relationship for Medical Marijuana Patients

Well unless you enjoy trying to decipher legal jargon, these bills can be intimidating to try to absorb. Thankfully there are other ways that you can learn about the laws that surround marijuana usage.

A Simplified Way of Weeding out the Facts from the Myths

This is a topic that everyone is talking about in Colorado and just because something becomes legal to use doesn't mean that it comes without guidelines.

Groups like the Denver Health and AAA Colorado are determined to help sort out the myths from the truths and to share them with the public.

But, where would one go to find out what the guidelines were on marijuana usage in Colorado?

It's a really confusing topic, so it was important for the citizens of Colorado to be able to reference information on this topic, so a website was recently set up to do just that - Marijuana info Denver.

The site will be useful for both those who are for legalize marijuana and for those that are against it. The site is broken down into four categories to cater to residents and visitors, parents and neighbors, business and property owners, and marijuana retailers and home growers.

It is a site that carefully defines the basics on what the law does and does not allow.

Don't Think You Need to Know What the Laws Are?

Buyer beware, it is important for anyone wishing to buy marijuana, grow it or smoke it to be informed.

Because no one wants to find themselves on the wrong side of the law and there are penalties for those who don't have the proper permits or licenses.

So if you are a pot smoker and you live or are planning on visiting Colorado, it is to your benefit to become informed.

Stay out of Jail, Become Informed

Here are some additional websites on this topic:

Become informed, take the time to read up on the laws regarding marijuana usage in your state.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Intersting post Telia!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Interesting information, Teila - so happy to read your post again - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Dec 2013 (#)

a most fascinating subject you have touched upon here and I thank you for that...all I can say about the drug is that it alters consciousness and is not a wise way to go...if one cannot do it naturally then beware for the effects can be most damaging...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Dec 2013 (#)

oh am so happy to see you back dear lady and I send you the best for, wealth and happiness...

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author avatar Teila
13th Jan 2014 (#)

Recreational marijuana is heavily taxed and the prices might astound you. Thankfully, I have no interest in smoking it, but for an ounce of pot, at today's prices, you could pay anywhere between $196.82 up to $236.31.

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author avatar Carol
14th Jan 2014 (#)

An interesting subject, of which I know nothing.

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author avatar vpaulose
17th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice to see your post my sister Teila.

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author avatar Kingwell
19th Jan 2014 (#)

Interesting post. I expect Marijuana to be legal in many countries within ten years.

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author avatar Jack Wellman
23rd Jan 2014 (#)

I heard that President Obama today said that there are worse things than smoking marijuana and wondered if he is softening his stance on its legalization. I hope not. Good informative work here always.

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