Serena and Novak: Both Promised to Play But Only Novak Played So Far

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With the Australian Open 2015 now in full swing pun intended, everyone is looking forward to 2 popular players who are now in Melbourne to join the tournament. Their respective interviews managed to clear the air on whether they will play despite some illnesses at the moment.

The news

Serena Williams took awhile to answer whether she can play or not as her memory has been failing her. Besides her performance at last year’s Australian Open became a basis for some questions thrown her way during her press conference . Does she feel confident and fit to enter the tournament?

You know you remember last year how I felt really good. I was playing well. I was feeling amazing on the court. So yeah, I remember that now. And yeah, this year I feel a little off. But I feel off in every grand slam so for last year, it didn’t work out for me. So maybe this should too.

It gets you thinking all of a sudden what preparations had she done during the off season. It’s grand slam season and almost everyone else is pouring their heart out to at least get into championship mode.

Sometimes I tried at, you know, that valley aspect to my game but it keeps slipping through my fingers every year so we’ll see how it feels this year.

So no mention of retirement. But on one of the journalists present at the press conference mentioned that Serena was seen with previous tennis champions Lindsay Davenport and Martina Navratilova. Big names right there. Does this mean testing the waters if she can make it as a tennis coach later in her life?

One thing I know is that I never say never. I love that I would play this long so who knows? Anything is possible. Any and everything is possible. I’m a big fan of Martina.

Obviously, Serena played safe with the answers. Let’s just wait and see then.

Novak Djokovic arrived in Melbourne almost with a flu although he managed to clarify that he got cleared to play. He shared these on the press conference .

Well, I am feeling I had a tough couple of days but it’s all behind me now. I’m ready for the open.

I just, um, yeah, a little bit of cold, a little bit of with a flu. A stomach I carried out ready from the Middle East a little bit. Now it’s good. It’s fast.

Weather changes in Melbourne, the host city for the Australian Open, turned to be faster, according to Djokovic. It’s a feeling that at first he thought, he’s the only person feeling it. But even his fellow tennis players felt the same.

I thought already last year that they were a bit faster from the previous years and it was my subjective feeling. I talked to some other players. They confirmed that feeling as well on the court. But the court is the same for everybody so that’s why we come here a week before and we try to spend as much as practice time in the court to get used to the conditions. The weather was actually very good and so far we didn’t have any extreme heat days a couple days also raining. It’s quite refreshing for Australian summer. But obviously Melbourne weather is very unpredictable but, uh, I feel these days will be great for tennis.

And he did play. One of the first matches he had at the Australian Open was against Slovenian tennis player Aljaz Bedene. He shared his thoughts in another interview .

It was a bit slow start for my side, trying to get into this, uh, grand slam vibe here. Never played Bedene before. And I know he played a lot of matches in the last couple of weeks for the finals ... For qualifications, for qualified years so he had a lot of confidence and nothing to lose and that’s what made him dangerous. You know, I needed to stay committed, stay tough and I tried to dictate the play. It wasn’t easy to read his serve. He has a quick motion, very complete game in general. Talented player but, you know, I managed to win that crucial first set and that’s, uh, that’s a better match for me.

Questions about his illness still persist.

Right now, that’s behind me. I already talked too much about that. It’s been a rough couple of weeks but it’s behind me and I want to move on and get stronger.

And because it is grand slam season, the possibility of winning another for Djokovic is entertained. Djokovic didn’t mind addressing it.

I am obviously flattered that people obviously talk about that. And it’s obvious that winning 4 titles is my most successful grand slam. I won Wimbledon twice ... Australian Open has always been the slam of my career. The first grand slam that I won is back in 2008. And it opened many doors for me and allowed me to have that confidence in this, believe that I can just keep on doing it and I can challenge the best players of the world. So, uh, I love coming back. I have great memories of Rod Laver Arena and hopefully I can have another great tournament here.

As some pundits say, if the French Open is considered the Rafa Slam, all eyes would definitely be on Djokovic to see if the Australian Open is still his turf. It will be another interesting tournament for us to see then.



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