Sexual Misconduct and the Rapid Descent of Military Leaders

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Cathy Gipson

“We can't control what happened, we can't control what has been lost. What we can control is how we fight to take that control back, and the voice within us is powerful in doing so,” - Cathy Gipson

Sexual Misconduct

"Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable," ~Lord Chesterfield. History has shown that a large percentage of commanders destroyed their military careers over sex related issues. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who was relieved of his command in Afghanistan last year, is just one among a host of those charged with possible sexual misconduct. Sex has lead to the downfall of many influential people, from politicians to other high-profile people. In fact, approximately thirty percent of military commanders in the past eight years have faced a litany of obscene sexual charges. How does one account for the declining ethical values. Or did these people uphold any moral standard to begin with? If one does not stand for something - they will fall for anything. Perhaps that explains the surge in such repugnant offenses like sodomy, sexual harassment and adultery. This moral decadence is not confined to our military leaders. America has become the new face of Sodom and Gomorrah in a culture where anything goes.

Ethics Training

The recent media blitz given to such high profile cases has turned the focus to ethics training. While the training is considered to be adequate, it was concluded that it should be emphasized more frequently and introduced early in one's career. Still, experts are grappling to explain why these behavioral problems have mushroomed. Unfortunately, the solution to this festering sore will continue to elude man - in the absence of seeking help from a higher authority (supreme being). Further, the sentiment among officials is that the military must embrace an atmosphere of "zero tolerance" for such outlandish behavior. Moreover, it is vital that the policy be enforced equitably and fully across the board. For top-tier officers, the statistics are staggering. Approximately, twenty generals and admirals have been fired in recent history due to sex and alcohol-related offenses. If this trend continues, our military will be devoid of experienced and skilled leaders. This would represent the ultimate breach of national security. Who would have thought that the lack of moral character would weaken the pillars of our military?


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