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There is a strong prevailing paradigm that every eligible voter should vote in elections. Is that so? Now we see a growing inquisition as to whether Christians should vote in national elections. Should they? This 2-PART article will offer some insight to the voting issue.

A Personal Experience


It seemed to me there was increased interest on the issue of Christian voting as we neared the 2012 presidential election. Christian voting is becoming a passionately debated subject in Christendom. This debate would loose steam if Christians would come to the understanding that voting is ultimately a personal choice. It is not mandated by God or the government.

A personal experience follows. During a men’s prayer meeting one Sunday evening the casual talk turned to the upcoming presidential election. I unreservedly stated that I was not voting for either candidate. Well, if the pastor could have lost his salvation he would have by his unchristian reaction to my admission. I immediately left that meeting and the church soon after.

Should Christians vote? In this PART 1 of a 2-PART answer we will consider the patriotic aspect of voting. American citizens are granted the right to vote for public officials and public issues. Those who don’t vote are often judged un-American. The question is: Must every eligible citizen vote when the opportunity arises? Are we obligated to vote thereby failing in our civic duty or being unpatriotic if we don’t?

A “right” is neither a command nor a demand. Actually a right presents a choice. I can if I want or I don’t if I don’t want. Example: I have the right to live in any state I want and the right NOT to live in any state I don’t want to. The right of where I reside is exercised when I make a choice. Likewise, I exercise my right to vote by choosing to vote or NOT to vote. That is my right.

Those who castigate others for not voting as if they were criminals disregard the legality of voting. Is it legal to vote? Yes, if one is qualified. Is it illegal not to vote? No it is not. If a person does not vote is that person breaking the law - are they a criminal? Of course not. Then how can a person who does not vote be accused of being unpatriotic when he is abiding by the law?

Let us look closer at the perception of unpatriotic voters (eligible voters who do not vote). I contend that nonvoters can actually be showing more patriotism than millions who do vote. How can that be? We have a president and congress that largely disrespects our Constitution. Our society is being polluted by abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, a malformed family unit, usurpation of parental rights, eroding religious freedom and loss of personal freedoms.

How did our society get this way? By voters electing politicians who advanced or supported those pollutions through legislation or apathy. If voters had refused to vote for those pollutant spreading politicians perhaps we would have a more pleasing and moral society today.

I believe the foregoing argument validates the proposition that voters who refuses to vote for unsatisfactory political candidates are NOT unpatriotic. No, they are actually exercising true patriotism. In PART 2 we will discuss voting from the Christian perspective.

Thank you for reading and may GOD BLESS YOU


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