Smart Fridge used by hackers to send spam mail.

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This is a news article on mow smart appliances are used by hackers during christmas holidays to send spam and malicious mails.

Smart Fridge used by hackers to send spam mail.

Yes, dear readers you have read it correctly. In a first of its kind proven cyberattack, hackers have used a smart fridge connected to the internet to send out more than 750,000 spam and phishing emails over the Christmas Break.

The cyberattack was first discovered by Proofpoint, a California based cyber security firm. As per them it was a “internet of things cyberattack". Over a period of two weeks starting from December 23rd, more than 100,000 everyday gadgets, which are connected over the internet were used for this attack.

As per the report this incident were documented from December 23rd to January 6th, where hackers penetrated home networking routers, multimedia centres, smart televisions and at least one fridge. The hackers used these devices to send waves of malicious spam mails in 3 bursts per day.

The firm said that these appliances were targeted as typically they have virtually no security measures installed in them like in laptops or smartphones. The most disturbing part of this attack is none of the devices were infected by any remote control software or "Trojan". They were all open devices, which can be detected by a simple port scanning by the hackers. Most of these devices have open Telnet, open SSH and open SMTP mail server, which enabled the hackers to easily gain control using default user login and password and set up the existing mailer to send out malicious, spam mails.

There are millions of smart appliances used today and if hackers can get access to them with virtually no effort, it will be a cause of major security concern. This hacked appliances can become a part of large botnet and also be used for DDOS attacks.

Internet connected appliances holds great promise for their functionality and usability. But in the hands of hackers they can also be a great security threat. As more number of people start using these appliances, the manufacturer of these products must ensure to integrate firewalls and other defensive measures into these type of appliances to make them more safer.

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shoudl be linked to centrally updatign security systems or they will never be safe!

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