So where does the law say you can keep a man in jail, for 8 months and there is no evadence

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Where is justice, when can our laws keep a man in jail for almost 1 year and no court. How does this make since to any of our laws.

A innocent man is in jail now for 8 months and no court date, and no evodence to point the crime to him.

Please Read this, Your State Has and innocent in Jail. Tax Payers and a CPS worker and The DA are keeping this man in Jail.
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Hello I am Melinda Bocook I am and advocate for family 's . Here is a story for you, if your into finding the truth, I have told the governor and he don't care. It came to me to take it to the media.
People need to know what is happening in the city of Portland.

There is a man in Portland Jail that has been there for 8 months, his charge is Child molestation to his Girl friends Daughter, and there has been no court and every time they
bring up a new court date they counsel it and make another one. This man is Named Francisco Alvarez-Paz, and His girl friend is Sylvia Garza, They have been together for 10 years.
This man Francisco Alvarez-Paz have no back ground of doing this to other little girls or boys. The Profile just doesn't fit Francisco Alvarez-Paz.

This started back in 2012 when 2 sisters want to have and affair with Sylvia's BF who Sylvia has been with for 10 years, and Francisco Alvarez-Paz told them no.
So these to sisters called CPS on Sylvia and told them that Francisco Alvarez-Paz molested Slyvia Daughter, who Francisco Alvarez-Paz has been around for the last ten years
of this little girls life.

So cps came and took Sylvia's kids with out a warrant or any thing and Sylvia didn't even know what cps was doing there and neither did
Francisco Alvarez-Paz. They took the kids, and Sylvia and Francisco Alvarez-Paz went to find out what this matter was all about,
Well they told them and it was going to go to court, and Francisco Alvarez-Paz said i didn't do this, well no one was arrested at that point, the parents had to see the kids at different
times. The cps told the parent they had to separate so that they can do a better investigation so they did. Francisco Alvarez-Paz would go see the kids on different days. Cps had no evidence
and they didn't know what to do next, so they arrested Francisco Alvarez-Paz on 02/12/2013 and Francisco Alvarez-Paz has been in jail for 8 months and no court.

The detective that was doing the case told the cps worker Adell Newman who works at the east office, said there is nothing on Francisco Alvarez-Paz and he should be let go.
But Adell Newman wants to give Francisco Alvarez-Paz 20 years. She has kept this man in jail for 8 months trying to get this case against him. The little girl has said no one has touched me, and all the
workers how her daddy didn't do this to her, but Adell Refuses to listen to the little girl. Adell newman has called people that know Sylvia garza and ask them to come and give a statement
against Francisco Alvarez-Paz when they know he is innocent, she called his brother and his brother said let my brother Francisco Alvarez-Paz out of jail. I love my brother and I know
he is being held on lies. He said to adell Newman he will not say any thing against his brother in this case.

Adell Newman the cps worker has tried to make Francisco Alvarez-Paz sign papers to make things easy for him, I told
Francisco Alvarez-Paz not to sign nothing. Adell Newman told Francisco Alvarez-Paz that he is going to get 20 years .

There is no evidence to show that Francisco Alvarez-Paz has done this, he hasn't even had his first Trial. He hasn't even had a chance to tell his story.
The cps worker is making it worse then ever, the detective in the case told Sylvia that the state of Oregon is holding him. He also told Sylvia that he didn't do anything,
and Adell Newman is holding him, and she is just fishing now. The two sisters left town now that they know they lied and so that leaves no one to say that Francisco Alvarez-Paz
has done this. The detective told Adell to let the man go, and she won't, she wants to prove that she is right on this case. But every thing points just the opposite. She refuses to see the truth, and
there is and innocent man Francisco Alvarez-Paz in jail.

If you want to check the story out please get a hold of Sylvia Garza 1 503 431 8214
She is trying to get this story herd. Her boy friend is in jail for no reason.

Thank you for your time, Melinda Bocook
Also I believe the DA maybe keeping
Francisco Alvarez-Paz in Jail with no evidence.


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author avatar M G Singh
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Looks bizzare. What will be the gain? What is the motive?

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Hello Madan,
The motive is that the cps case worker is losing and she is really trying to find away to convict Fransisco. It is so injustice case I have ever came across.

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