Soap Operas, Rape And Brainwashing

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Soap operas may be made for your entertainment, but increasingly they are being used to indoctrinate the public.

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No more so than with plots involving sex scenes including sexual abuse and outright rape. When it first appeared way back in the 1960s, Coronation Street was what the great Noël Coward called kitchen sink drama, in particular it was about the mundane lives of ordinary people in the North of England. True, there was the occasional punch-up, but there were no tram crashes, serial killers, or grooming gangs. How often do things like this happen on the street where you live? The latest outrageous plot in Britain’s oldest soap sees young widower David Platt the victim of a drug-facilitated rape.

Probably sensing a deluge of complaints from older and more conservative viewers, the scene was limited to the victim passing out on the bed, his violator removing his own belt, and poor David waking up in the morning confused, and although there was no suggestion of it, obviously with a sore anus. Now what would any sensible red-blooded heterosexual male do under such circumstances? Making his way to a police station and getting tested for drugs would be the optimum strategy. Anyone familiar with the David Platt character would probably suggest knifing his rapist, or at the very least doing him serious bodily harm, but no, he goes home, burns his clothes, and begins acting erratically. The most significant facet of his behaviour is that although he does confront his violator - who makes light of it - he does not tell anyone else.

We can now look forward to seeing his life come crashing down all around him as he spirals out of control. Why is this so predictable? Because it has happened before in recent years with the rape of an older woman in Emmerdale and the rape of the mother of grown children in EastEnders. So what is behind the Coronation Street storyline? The answer is who rather than what, in particular an organisation called Survivors Manchester which purports to support male victims of sexual assault, including rape, what used to be called buggery or sodomy. (Both words can imply consensual as well as forced anal sex; in the United States, sodomy can also mean oral sex - forced or consensual).

The existence of such an organisation in Manchester is not surprising because it has a large homosexual population and even the so-called gay village. At one time, any suggestion that homosexuals might be as inclined to rape as normal men or inclined at all was denounced as homophobia, but now they are a doubly oppressed minority, both by society as a whole, and by the sexual predators within their own ranks. After the David Platt rape scene, the organisation, now a registered charity, reported a massive increase in the number of calls from so-called survivors of sexual assault.

This terminology is part and parcel of the sexual grievance industry. A person who is sexually assaulted is a victim. A victim can be a victim of anything. If someone picks your pocket or pushes you over in the street, you are a victim, even if you are not hurt, but if some creep gropes your breast or puts his hand down the front of your trousers, you don’t get to call yourself a survivor.

The David Platt rape scene was realistic, unlike the EasEnders scene, of which more shortly, but how common is drug-facilitated rape or homosexual rape? The answer to both is not very. In the UK there have been two well publicised and shocking such cases in the past decade, in particular the case of the Black Cab Rapist, who was back in the news recently thanks to the idiots who run the Parole Board, and more shockingly there was the homosexual serial killer Stephen Port, who gave four of his victims lethal doses. Unsurprisingly, both these cases happened in London, which has by far the largest population in the UK.

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With regard to homosexual rape, apart from offences against the young, this is uncommon, one might say rare, more so than regular rape. This is of course partly because homosexuals make up only a tiny percentage of the general population - except in Manchester, Brighton and on our TV screens - and because they are extremely promiscuous.

The reason for the Coronation Street scene was not simply to break a supposed stigma, but to promote a sinister agenda. The man behind Survivors Manchester claims to have been sexually assaulted as a child himself, and says it took fifteen or more years for him to tell someone else. This is the old chestnut of delayed reporting, and dovetails with a campaign launched last year by Rape Crisis Scotland: #IJustFroze.

You will find videos of this pathetic campaign on YouTube, and a simulated example in the aforementioned rape scene from EastEnders, which can be found in this video from around 15 minutes 40 seconds. The purpose of the Coronation Street storyline is to garner male support for the attack on due process in sex trials. This is something that is far from new. The propaganda churned out by rape crisis organisations worldwide goes something like this:

Rape is too difficult to prove, the conviction rate is far too low - in the UK this is usually said to be around 6%.

Rape is too difficult to report, so difficult that a hundred thousand or more rapes go unreported in the UK every year. This is said to be a Government statistic.

Rape victims are terrified they will not be believed.

Rape victims often freeze when they are attacked, something known as tonic immobility, hence #IJustFroze.

Rape victims are often reluctant to admit they were raped, they may delay reporting for a day, a month, a year, a decade and more.

Now here comes the punchline, because of these unique difficulties, “survivors” must be believed uncritically, and in jurisdictions where statutes of limitations exist, these must be removed to bring justice and healing to survivors.

Whether or not Survivors Manchester is a conscious agent of this sinister conspiracy, this propaganda is lies. All of it. First.

If rape is difficult to prove, it is because the authorities bring far too many weak cases, some of which require jumping the shark even to charge, much less to bring to court. The case of Mark Pearson is as absurd as they come, but in recent months a number of UK cases have emerged in which text messages between the accused and the non-victim should have resulted not in rape charges but charges of perverting the course of justice.

Rape is in fact very easy to report, and the conviction rate for real rape rather than regret sex is very good. Yes, there are cases of men who get away with it, but miscarriages of justice cut both ways. That so-called Government statistic is no such thing, rather it is an extrapolation based on deceptively crafted semantics, very much like the rubbish churned out by Mary Koss and her team of ne’er do wells.

Most genuine rape victims are not terrified they will not be believed because they report promptly or reasonably promptly. While a few women do undoubtedly freeze, the vast majority do not. This short video includes an interview with a 12 year old girl in New York who was attacked by a thug who having robbed her was clearly intent on doing something far worse. She didn’t freeze. There is also audio of a genuinely vulnerable woman; she didn’t freeze either. If a 12 year old girl can kick an attacker where it hurts, a reasonably intelligent, educated woman can at least scream, something that is surely guaranteed to discourage the majority of sex attackers.

This propaganda about freezing is part of the rationalisation women use for falsely reporting rape. Many of these women are not right in the head, some of them are a danger to themselves as much as to anyone else, like arsonist Emma Saxon, or Clare Cruttenden who commited suicide in February 2014. Her death resulted in the dismissal of a police officer and three others being disciplined. (The sacked detective was later reinstated). Clare Cruttenden was said to have been vulnerable; place that adjective in front of the word woman and every time it implies victimhood, thus Emma Humphreys was a vulnerable teenager. So that excuses her stabbing a man through the heart?

Like the spurious rape trauma syndrome, “I just froze” is also used to explain away purported delays in reporting allegations of rape. A woman who reports a rape as soon as practicable will have bruises, DNA, and other physical evidence; there may be CCTV evidence or even witnesses. A woman who tells the police she was raped some time ago has less credibility, and without strong, independent corroboration, she should have none. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t work like that in sex assault cases, and innocent men are regularly hung out to dry for it, as the sexual grievance industry knows well yet stubbornly refuses to acknowledge.

It may be there is no corroborating evidence at all, so if a woman accuses a named individual there are broadly speaking only two things this man can say: the sex was consensual, or there was no sex. Either way, he is on a hiding to nothing. Rape Crisis Scotland and their fellow travellers would have you believe the apparent delay in reporting should not diminish the credibility of the accuser, and that women should be believed uncritically. Not to do so amounts to sexism, misogyny, rape apologia or even rape enablement. Their hashtag campaign is designed to educate, read indoctrinate/intimidate the general public, at times cynical police officers, prosecutors, and even judges into believing the accusation just because it is made - crimen exceptum. This was the mentality of the Salem witch trials.

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In the notorious Scottsboro case, Judge Horton made this classic statement:

“History, sacred and profane, and the common experience of mankind teach us that women of the character shown in this case are prone for selfish reasons to make false accusations both of rape and of insult upon the slightest provocation or even without provocation for ulterior purposes.”

Time has vindicated this claim, but like Hitler’s comments about the big lie, it is too specific, namely women, men, girls, boys, anyone and everyone can make false allegations of a sexual or other nature for all manner of reasons and none. A list of reasons for making false rape allegations can be found here, but let us confine ourselves to one phenomenon, that of rewriting consensual sex as rape. This probably accounts for the overwhelming majority of supposedly delayed reports of rape. Remember, if there was no rape, there was no delay. Let us dispose of the David Platt angle first. On occasion, otherwise heterosexual men have sordid sexual encounters with other men. These men are not bisexual necessarily, it’s just that sometimes as otherwise honest people will steal or lie, so will heterosexuals engage in sex with other men. This results in shame. For example, in October 2011, Robert O’Brien, who had been out drinking with his girlfriend, accepted a lift from a man twice his age, and ended up having perverted sex with him. When he arrived home, he told his mother the encounter had been non-consensual. She called the police, and it mushroomed from there.

Here is a classic piece of self-deception from a 1995 article in a supposedly professional medical journal:

“A woman may divulge a rape history months or years later because with increasing knowledge and maturity, she may have only recently come to understand the event as a crime and herself as a victim”.

Nostalgia in reverse! We see this sort of thing all the time, it’s called a victim narrative, the way in which a woman rewrites the past in order to blame everyone else for her misfortune. Often such women have led pathetic lives. And this sort of personal revisionism is by no means restricted to women, our prisons are full of men who while frankly acknowledging their guilt for whatever crime(s) of which they have been convicted will blame everyone but themselves for their misfortune: drug addiction, alcoholism, the nagging wife (who made me strangle her), the shopkeeper (who should have used a stronger lock), the fraud victim (who should have shielded his PIN)...

If a woman has sex with a man and only “realises” months or years later that she didn’t consent freely, she has serious credibility problems. Would any man in his right mind sign a contract with such a woman, would any man offer her a job, much less ask her out on a date?

Women who suffer these sorts of delusions are extremely dangerous because like the Carol Knuths of this world they may be totally sincere, and therefore be totally convincing. Dangerous to themselves, and as pointed out above, dangerous to any man who incurs their ire for whatever reason or none.

No one should be deceived by this constant harping on about believing survivors regardless, whether the claim comes through the regular mainstream newsmedia, by demented females on social media, or by propagandists who have for whatever reason been recruited by the BBC or commercial television to spread their sinister revealed truths about sexual assault.

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